Infographic – ASO Vs SEO Explained

With increase in use of mobile phones from past few years, App Store Optimization has become a new marketing technique for all the marketers. App Store Optimization is equally important as SEO for the websites. But of course, there is a difference in ASO and SEO. App Store Optimization is very important as many people search for the apps they need and download them through various app stores like Google Play Store, App Store, etc.  

SEO and ASO have become legal marketing methods to increase the traffic for websites as well as apps. Everyone who are familiar with SEO and ASO know that both are quite similar but not the same. ASO can be said as SEO for apps, but there are many different things besides that. On the other side, SEO might seem similar to the search optimization that ASO marketers perform. Although, there are some similarities in SEO and ASO, there are some differences too which every marketer should know before starting any of the technique. Each of them have their own distinctions and to know there difference.

Some facts about SEO and ASO:

  • Every mobile app has a public URL hosted on that is indexed and ranked by Google in the mobile web search.
  • Doing ASO for your app you are indirectly doing SEO for it.

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