Is B.Com LLB The Right Career Option For You? Let’s Find Out

The legal profession is quite popular in India due to the presence of a well-established and trusted judiciary system. There are many career alternatives in the legal domain depending on your interests and preferences.

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A B. Com LLB degree can be the perfect program to kick-start your legal career into the corporate domain. It provides the right balance of financial and legal expertise that lets you handle. You can click to here learn more about B. Com LLB course details.

There are immense career prospects of pursuing a B. Com LLB in India. You can choose from a wide variety of legal roles in the corporate space. Here are some interesting career options open to you as a B. Com LLB graduate.

1. Legal advisor:

Legal advisors provide legal advice to large-sized clients such as corporations or big companies. They draft and negotiate company contracts and ensure that their clients maintain compliance with corporate laws. They also provide legal counsel for conflict management or risk mitigation and research legal opinions and memoranda.

2. Corporate lawyer:

Most corporate lawyers have sufficient expertise in commercial and financial law. Therefore, they are often hired to ensure that their client company’s transactions comply with the financial rules and regulations in the country. They often represent big companies that incorporate lawsuits and help their clients avoid expensive litigation.

3. Public prosecutor:

Public prosecutors are government officers who help the courts in finding accurate facts for a case. In public litigation cases, these prosecutors are often pitted against corporate lawyers representing big businesses. In some cases, public prosecutors are assigned to the defendant if they do not have suitable legal representation.

4. Legal manager:

Most legal managers are in-house employees of big corporations. They head the legal counsel team for the company. Part of their job description includes sending out legal notices, filing writ petitions or civil cases against financial defaulters, and providing in-house legal assistance. Legal managers mostly assign different legal duties to their team members and evaluate their work. They can also be roped into formulating legal procedures and policies for the company.

5. Corporate attorney:

Most corporate attorneys share similar work as legal advisors. However, the role of a legal advisor is quite senior as compared to that of a corporate attorney. Corporate attorneys assess financial partnerships for potential legal loopholes and negotiate different trade or corporate deals. They also draft the relevant legal documents for the same.

An LLB program can give you the relevant legal knowledge and expertise to explore the above-mentioned roles. You can also look into other positions as mergers and acquisitions lawyers, legal service chiefs, law reporters, and legal advisors of intellectual property infringement.

Invest in a good B. Com LLB program from a reputed law university today to get started on your legal career.

Is B.Com LLB The Right Career Option For You? Let's Find Out 1
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