iBall Musi Twins Bluetooth Speaker Review

Speakers are a quintessential part of elevating the audio playback quality ranging from different devices. There are gadget enthusiasts who love to experiment with speakers and each speaker comes with a different audio quality and features to bring about a totally different audio quality to the user. 

One such brand in the market that has been doing really well in the gadget accessories department is iBall. Its recent creation in iBall Musi Twins Speakers has garnered heaps of praises from critics and customers. We bring you a detailed review of the same. 

What are the specifications of the iBall Musi Twins Speakers?

BT Version : 4.2
Product Weight : 850G
Frequency Response : 80 Hz – 20 KHz
Playback time : 12 hours
Battery charging time : 3 hours

The Design Part

The design part of the iBall Musi Twins Speakers is something that intrigued us a lot. The merging of two speakers and yet not being a constraint to use them together is something that’s very unique to this model of speakers.


If you desire, you can simply unlock the two speakers and voila! You’ve 2 set of speakers with you and not just one. 

The design part of the speakers is rather strong and unlike some speakers that feel cheap in their looks and design, it’s quite apparent that iBall has given attention to detail on using quality plastic in the making of the speakers – to give a rather premium look. 

Weight and Charging

At 850G the speakers aren’t that heavy to carry around in your bag. If you’re used to carrying small and cheap portable speakers, this might be a little heavier as opposed to them but not really a deal-breaker. In our experience, we were quite comfortable with the weight of the speakers. 

Now, if you’re taking the speaker with you away from home, you have the option to charge via the dual micro USB port on one side of the speaker and USB-A port on the other side. This just makes it a whole lot more convenient to charge the speaker while on-the-go. 

What are iBall Musi Twins Speakers uses?

To start with, if you’re planning to throw a pool party but are afraid that your speaker will get damaged due to water flowing around – DON’T BE. These iBall Musi Twins Speakers are absolutely water-resistant up to 1meter deep water. This feature makes it a perfect companion for a pool party. 

The sound of the speaker is high and can be used not just for individual purposes but it’s truly an out and out party speaker. 

What is the battery life?

Buying a new speaker and being bothered by the constant requirement to charge it, again and again, is precisely why people research a lot before buying a new speaker. In this department, iBall Musi Twins Speakers is perhaps the best in its range in the market. 

The charging time of 3 hours is quite genuine since the playback time is a very impressive 12 hours. It may not actually last 12 hours and we found that 10 hours is a more precise battery usage pattern of the speaker but that too is a solid 7-hour extra time as opposed to 3 hours of charging – pretty impressive indeed. 

The areas to improve

The speakers are not targeted towards the budget buyer. At 4,000, it is rather suited to the needs of those who are desperately looking for premium quality speakers. The budget buyer has even though not better but definitely cheaper options available. 

Not being based on Bluetooth 5.0 though is a concern that will play to it’s targeted buyers too. As opposed to earlier versions, the new Bluetooth 5.0 naturally has a much stronger range and could have given the speaker a selling push in the market. 

What is our verdict?

In our experience, there are many speakers out there that promise one thing and deliver totally another (lacklustre). iBall Musi Twins Speakers don’t disappoint in that regard, it’s probably one of the best speakers we’ve used in recent times. 

Granted, the price asked for is high but then again, iBall hasn’t compromised on quality with Musi Twins and therefore they expect enthusiasts of speakers – desiring quality sound playback to not be troubled by asking price of Rs 4,000. 

The design is such perfection that it has already received awards for the same. Moreover, it’s not heavy in size and is very easy to carry around. Further, the battery backup is solid and will keep you going for over 9-10 hours. 

We give iBall Musi Twins Speakers a solid recommendation. 

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