Kodi vs Plex: Which One is Right For You?

Kodi vs Plex

The days of getting in your car and driving to your local movie store to rent DVD’s has rapidly become obsolete in the last decade as the internet emerged into full-form. Now, we have a plethora of instant and limitless entertainment right from one single source. 

Digital Media Players (DMP) have completely redefined the way we previously thought of media players before, as they now have the ability to access and stream a vast variety of digital media, from music, photos, movies and more. However, because of the enormous variety of digital media systems available on the market today, it’s especially difficult when choosing the right one. 

Kodi and Plex are two major, high-quality and versatile players, and this article will help you in determining which of these specific systems is the right pick for you in Kodi vs plex.


Kodi is an open-source media streaming service that allows users to conveniently store and play videos, music and more from their device or right from the internet. And, it’s compatible with almost any operating system and device around. 

A relatively older media service, Kodi has been in operation since 2002, and many might still remember it as its former names, Xbox Media Player and Xbox Media Center. Although you can use Kodi with any of your local or network storage services, it also offers third-party add-ons to extend further media access. Your potential access to media is seemingly limitless through Kodi, as it offers connection options throughout multiple different platforms–from music to live TV, your flow of entertainment will never run dry.

The service provides AAC, MP3 and OGG music playback, includes smart playlist creation and the option to tag your favorite music tracks instantly. Streaming pictures is also a breeze, as it allows you to import your images on a slide show from all your various devices. On the movie and TV platforms, Kodi can function with ISO, 3D and H.264 formats, along with others. Once you import your video/TV files into Kodi, you have the access to customize them by adding movie trailers, posters, etc. 

Finally, with Kodi, you no longer even need a television cable provider, because you also have access to live TV, as well. To stream and record live TV through Kodi, however, you will need another service to be able to access it, but luckily there is a multitude of IPTV services that can provide you with just that. This fascinating media player service is available for all Windows-powered devices, like Android, Linux, Xbox One and more. 

So, if you want a service that’s completely customizable, versatile and offers limitless entertainment access, then Kodi just might be exactly what you’re looking for.


Another high-quality digital media player is Plex. One uniquely spectacular aspect of this media player versus Kodi is that it’s completely free to download and connect to any of your mobile devices, gaming consoles, etc. However, while you will have access to the basic functions on Plex– such as news, podcasts, and web shows, The Plex Media Server, which includes the Plex Web App, and more– Plex Pass also includes a premium plan, known as the Plex Pass subscription plan. With the Plex Pass, one has access to even more features and functions that you can’t get with the free Plex profile alone, and it allows you to conveniently transfer and access media from one device to another with ease. Plus, you can effortlessly access all your media stored on your Plex Media Server remotely via the internet, and even allow your friends and family to access your pictures, videos and other media content on the server, as well.

Plex Pass is also a beneficial media management platform if you have kids, as it includes parental control settings to block out any sensitive material you think might not be suitable for them to view. Or, if you just simply want some of your media content kept private, the easy-share feature automatically separates your public media from private, blocking the private content from anyone else to view.

Whereas Plex Pass is also satisfyingly versatile when it comes to delivering you with endless entertainment, getting the Plex Pass is a necessity if you’re looking for real versatility and limitless entertainment options through this service. When obtaining the Plex Pass, you will automatically have access to premium music that comes with playlist-generating capabilities and more cool features similar to Spotify. Premium image features will also be available, which come with auto-tagging capabilities and more. 

When it comes to movies and TV, you will get all the incredible extra capabilities with the Plex Pass, like viewing trailers before watching similar to Netflix. Finally, as far as live television access goes, once again, you will need the Plex Pass, a tuner device and an antenna to stream channels–but, once you acquire all the necessary components to access the live TV feature, it’s completely worth it, as it gives you the ability to skip commercials and record what you’re watching. 

Another intriguing feature Plex Pass offers is the Offline Sync feature, which allows you to download your media content even when you’re not connected to the internet. There are also additional perks included when you get the pass because subscribers will get access to discounts and are the first to have the opportunity to try any new features. Plex Pass works with Windows, Mac or Linux products.

Both of these Kodi vs plex are digital media players are obviously worth trying out, but it simply comes down to figuring out which one would be the better option for your home. Although Kodi and Plex offer a lot of the same advantageous features, both of them have specific, unique features that may be more appealing for you and your entertainment prospects. But, hopefully, this article helped you along the way in determining which digital media player software is the better fit for you, but regardless, both offer high-quality functions, cool features and versatile, endless entertainment. So, which will you choose–Kodi vs Plex?

Kodi vs Plex: Which One is Right For You? 1
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