How US Companies Gamify User Experience.

Gamification is a relatively new term that means incorporating some elements of video games into non gaming environments. It helps increase user engagement and add excitement to situation that don’t necessary entertain people. 

Think of adverts. Many people loathe online adverts. But when it’s in the form of a game, it becomes entertaining. Online casinos are great in gamifying their services. Here’s how they do it.


The Best USA OnlineCasino Sites

The best USA online casinos mainly gamify incentives. When you register an account, you receive free spins to play a popular slot machine. This reward is meant to welcome new customers.

Another reward is a deposit-based bonus that matches your money 100% or 200%. If you deposit $100 at a site with a 100% offer, you get an extra $100 as a bonus. The best sites also give out bonuses to loyal customers, some we’ll mention shortly.

In case you’re wondering, has a comprehensive guide for the best USA online casino sites. To be clear, these are websites that welcome every new customer with a bonus. And they provide more rewards through free spins, loyalty points or cash prizes. 

Interactive Loyalty Programs

At the best US casinos, loyalty doesn’t go unnoticed. Instead, it’s rewarded through points, levels, charge bars, or kickbacks. Normally, the objective is to earn enough points to redeem into cash or level-up to qualify for free games.

But instead of giving out free games and bonuses randomly, casinos choose an interactive loyalty program. Loyalty points and levels are most popular reward systems. That’s because they are simple to understand.

Precisely, you could get a point for every $10 you spend on slots and table games. And you could level-up every time you accrue 150 points. Levels aside, another reward system is a booster bar that charges up every time you play. When it fills up, it bursts open to award you a bonus.

Weekly and Monthly Quests/Competitions

Quests are like tournaments—short online missions with an objective. Some casinos have individual quests. But many sites have competitions for everyone. 

So, you could join a Halloween quest to win the most money at a Halloween-themed slot. Or could join a Christmas competition to get the most gifts from Father Christmas—aka a game themed around the Holiday.

In many ways, quests make casino games more exciting—because you’re playing to compete or gain a social status. That said, competitions at betting websites attract lucrative cash prizes—up to $1 million.

Of course, you must finish at the top positions in a leader board. And usually, finishing in the top ten spots out of thousands of competitors is a challenge. Nonetheless, quests are great ways to engage with other players and win rewards. 


Winning trophies often don’t carry a lot of money. But they can get you on the leader board, where your friends and thousands of casino players can notice your name. Or they are added to your avatar as a badge. 

Like quests and tournaments, trophies are earned by winning slots or card game competitions. An example is a slot competition that involves betting at least $10 every day. You can always quit. But if you wager money daily until you’re the last person standing, you get a trophy. 

The best trophy competitions also feature monetary prizes or chances to level up on VIP rankings. That way, the stakes are high and the competition becomes competitive. 

Social Shares

Social shares are easy and fun. When you win, you share a screenshot or a short clip of the moment you win something at a casino game. It could be a few dollars or life changing money. All the same, sharing your casino experiences is a quick way to get some likes and comments on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It’s great for casinos because it adds exposure. 

Nearly every casino has social share buttons for players to share anything about their casino adventures. In fact, some websites also pay their customers to share a casino’s links with friends. And if these people create accounts and wager real money, you could receive some cash.

Storylines in Slots

One of the best things to happen to online slots is introducing storylines. Games are no longer about fruits, bars and bells alone. You can watch as a story unfolds, pick a side and earn rewards based on your decisions.

Take the Game of Thrones slot as an example. You back one of the five main houses and lead them into victory. In the Good/Bad Girl slot, you choose one of the girls. And based on your decision, you can play alongside angels from heaven or hell.

Storylines add meaning to slots. They make a game more gripping and keep you hooked for long knowing that you have a mission to complete. Of course, not all slots with narratives are exciting to play. Some of them don’t even have narratives. So, before you choose a machine, choose one with a storyline you find intriguing.

For example, you can choose multi-player slots if you want a social experience but can’t find a machine with a great story. Or you could select a classic game like Magic 777 to feed your nostalgia of vintage one-man bandits.

Customized Mascots and Avatars

Nearly every online casino, these days, has a mascot—a dog, wolf, a super hero or fictional character that act as the official symbol of the business. Their goal is to welcome new players, award them bonuses or provide customer assistance. 

Some casinos also let you customize an avatar that represents your every move at the casino. You could create a profile inspired by Thor and have everyone you interact with address you as the Norse god. Or you could become Cleopatra or any other renowned figure.

Mascots and avatars add fun to casino gaming. On the one hand, mascots create a sense of warmth. On the other, avatars give you a chance to live in a make-believe world for the fun of it. 

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