TweenLite Tween Class- How to work with 3rd Party TweenLite in Adobe Flash?

TweenLite is a third party tween class coded by Greensock which can be used as a substitute to the built-in Flash tween class. This class comes with the bunch of features and effects which are very easy to use and attractive as well. TweenLite is faster than other tweening engines that support both Action Script 2 and Action Script 3 languages. It is well-known for its speed, features and expandability.

How to import TweenLite Tween class in Adobe Flash and start working with it?

  • First of all download the TweenLite class zip file from Greensock website
  • Now unzip the downloaded file and copy the “com” folder, paste it in the folder where your Flash (FLA) file is present.
  • Ok.. Now you are ready to import TweenLite tween class to your Flash file
  • In the first frame (or wherever you are about to tween) write the importing code i.e.

import com.greensock.TweenLite;

import com.greensock.easing.*;

(You can also write import com.greensock.*; if you want to import all the classes of greensock)

  • Now create a movie clip and give the instance name as “myclip”
  • Ok.. now we will write the code which moves “myclip” when it is clicked-

myclip.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK,moveme);

function moveme(e:Event) {, 1, {x:100, y:100, ease:Back.easeOut});


Well, let me explain the code now, In this code myclip, 1, {x:100, y:100, ease:Back.easeOut}myclip is the movie clip we are about to move by tweening. After that “1” is the duration in seconds which sets the time for tween. Further x:100, y:100 moves myclip to pixel of 100 X and 100 Y. Finally ease:Back.easeOut is tween effect which myclip uses to move.

Greensock has created visual code maker to generate Tweening code to include in Adobe Flash, which helps you to get your code easily for tweening using various effects.

tweenlite tween class

Why use TweenLite Tween Class For Adobe Flash?

There are many reasons to use TweenLite Tween Class in Adobe Flash. The most important reason is that TweenLite Tween Class doesn’t get stuck between the movements as the built-in tween class of Adobe Flash does. Therefore the tween code garbage could be avoided with this class. TweenLite tween class works faster than built-in tween class of Adobe Flash.


TweenLite Tween Class- How to work with 3rd Party TweenLite in Adobe Flash? 1
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