Will CCTV Keep Burglars Away from Your Home?

Many criminals have attested to the fact that they’ve been deterred from breaking in to homes or buildings by barking dogs or CCTV cameras recording their actions. A study by Co-op Insurance revealed that burglars are opportunists and they look for easier break-ins that won’t attract much attention. 

CCTV Burglars Away

The biggest deterrent for thieves and burglars are CCTV cameras – these people do not want to be caught on camera even if they are wearing masks.

The same study concluded that more than 28% of adults in the UK don’t take sufficient security measures to keep their property safe. Some of the more alarming statistics were:

  • 55% of the people surveyed slept with their windows open
  • 24% left their doors unlocked while they are at home
  • 12% did not close their garden gates 
  • 20% posted pictures online showing they were on holiday and so unintentionally drawing attention to their empty homes

These numbers alone should be sufficient to convince anybody to reevaluate their attitude to home security. There’s at least one easy thing you can do: experts believe that 67% of domestic thefts and burglaries coulf be prevented if people installed CCTV cameras. 

How Do CCTV Cameras Prevent Burglaries? 

Always remember that burglars will go for an easy target – they are afraid of leaving any evidence that can be traced back to them. This is the prime reason they opt for properties where there are no security cameras. This way, they can avoid attention and suspicion. 

  • They Gather Evidence 

CCTV footage has a significant legal value – it is usually admissible in court and can easily shift the course of an investigation. If your home is burgled, CCTV footage helps the authorities gather the evidence they need to identify the culprit. CCTV recordings greatly improve the chances of the perpetrator being caught. 

  • Record and Monitor 

Every intruder is scared of being recorded and monitored on camera, and this is the fear that you need to exploit. CCTV monitoring ensures that your property is being watched and closely observed in real-time and if something suspicious happens, you can call the police immediately. Intruders will always stay clear of properties where CCTV cameras are installed and target more vulnerable homes. 

  • Remote Observations

Burglars will wait for the right moment to enter a property – they wait for the occupants before they break in. CCTV monitoring has an added feature that greatly benefits all property owners – even if you are away, you can easily view the CCTV footage. You can observe and monitor the premises, live and remotely. This is a high-level, 24-hour professional security service, that is expensive but worth every penny! 

Tips to Keep in Mind

There are a few things which are important to consider when purchasing and installing a CCTV camera to ensure the maximum level of efficacy: 

  • If you want to deter burglars from targeting your property, make sure you install your CCTV cameras somewhere obvious where they are prominent and visible. This will scare off burglars who are afraid of being caught on video. 
  • Some people believe that CCTV cameras actually invites burglars – if you agree, you can always place cameras in more hidden spots or opt for smaller, more discreet model. These are inconspicuous and will blend right into the outside of your property. 
  • Attach capacitors to each camera to prolong its battery life. You should also invest in regular camera maintenance and replacement to ensure that your home or office is always being monitored. 
  • Wireless CCTV cameras are less hassle, and also attract less attraction. 

IP Cameras Vs CCTV Cameras

People generally think of CCTV cameras when it comes to traditional surveillance technology, but IP cameras are also becoming increasingly popular. There is no clear best option when it comes to CCTV cameras vs IP cameras – as long as you can keep an eye on what is happening or happened at your property, you can easily prevent burglaries and scare away would-be thieves. 

An Internet Protocol camera is a security device that transmits real-time data over the internet. It allows you to view the location as a live video feed regardless of the location. On the other hand, Closed-Circuit Television is a type of security system where cameras record the video of the location and transmit the video feed to display monitors. 

Key Takeaways

The landscape of modern surveillance is constantly evolving – with the integration of technology, many new digital devices have emerged to protect your property from burglaries and theft. There’s no magic answer when it comes to technology security, but it is safe to say that CCTV will keep burglars away from your home and keep you protected. 

Some form of security is always better than none – if you can’t decide what system to install, at least make sure you have some kind of security technology, otherwise you are openly inviting thieves.

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