Watch YouTube Videos on PC Without Annoying Advertisements

Earlier we used to face eventual advertisements in YouTube but now we are forced to see them in almost each videos and movies we watch. Mainly there are two kinds of annoying advertisements we mess with in YouTube, they are- InStream Ads and InVideo Ads, InStream advertisement gets displayed when we click a video link, we won’t be allowed skip it till we watch the ad for 5 seconds, another one is InVideo advertisement that pop-up at the footer of video and annoys between the video. SWF animation advertisements bothers much comparing to textual ads and sometime these advertisements opens the new page when we accidently click on them instead of close buttons. So.. how to block youtube video ads and enjoy the videos without any disturbance?

I want to share a trick which I use to block YouTube video ads, by using this trick you can stop ads on youtube, it is a simple trick yet very helpful.

Steps to Watch YouTube Videos without Ads

Just go through the steps below to enjoy YouTube videos or movies without any kind of disturbing advertisements including InVideo and InStream Ads.

  • First of all download VLC media player from this link. VLC media player is an open source multimedia player that can play almost all types of media file formats. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Unix operating system.
  • Install it in your PC and run it from start menu or from desktop
  • Now navigate your browser to and search the video you want to watch
  • Finally just drag and drop that video link on VLC player
  • That’s it.. Now you will be watching your favorite video or movie without any advertisements
    Block YouTube Video Ads

You can seek, play and pause the video using VLC’s controls and of course you can control the volume. Isn’t it an interesting way to block youtube video ads? Give it a try!.

Watch YouTube Videos on PC Without Annoying Advertisements 1
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