Scheduling an email is an important feature that lacks in almost every email provider including Gmail. Of course you can save the email as draft but finally you have to press “Send” button as there is no such a feature available to send it automatically.  Scheduling an email helps for business purposes as well as greeting your friends on their birthday, you can create the email with nice templates whenever you are free and schedule them for specific date and time.

Here we have discussed about using Right Inbox and Boomerang services to schedule email, both of these services are compatible with Gmail and Google Apps email.

How to Schedule Email in Gmail with Right Inbox?

Right Inbox offer a feature to schedule email, your email will be sent to the recipient at the specified time. To schedule email-

  • Download Right Inbox Google Chrome extension and install it, login to your Gmail again and grant access to Right Inbox
  • Click on “Compose” button and type the content
  • Now click on "Send Later" button, a list appears
  • Select "in 1 hour" or other options available in the list, you can also specify exact date and time
  • As soon as you schedule the email, it moves to your draft folder and will be sent automatically at the specified timings.schedule email

How to Schedule Email with Boomerang?

Boomerang is similar to Right Inbox which comes up as a Google Chrome extension, Boomerang is incorporated one more option called “Random time”. Let’s have a look at how to schedule email with Boomerang-

  • Download Boomerang Google Chrome extension and install it, It automatically incorporates with Gmail.
  • Click on “Compose” button and type the email content
  • Now click on "Send Later" (with a boomerang icon) button, a list appears
  • You can choose when you want to send the email including in 1 hour, in 2 hour, in four hour or days. If you want to send your email on a particular date then you can select it from the calendar and click confirm button. That’s it.. Your email will be sent to the recipient on the specified date.

schedule email