How to add Picture in Google Maps?

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    Hey there, I hope you’ve seen pictures while surfing in Google Earth, Do you know to map your picture in Google Earth? I was in search for the answer and got few nice results and I thought of posting it here if this information helps others.If I’ve missed any sites/tools that might be out there, please post a comment letting others know. You’ll also be interested to know about cartoonize face maker.

    Sites that let you add your photos to a Google Map:

    Flickr-to-Google Maps:

    • GMiF – Google Maps in Flickr App
    • BlockRocker Flickr Geotagging Tool
    • Flickr2GMap
    • GlobeFeed Maps

    Google Photo Mapping Resources:

    Example Google Photo Map Concepts:

    Did you know that you can make funny gif effects with your photos?

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