How To Make An Image To Play Like Video

Image speaks a lot and everyone like cool images and they always have some meaning and they page a page very attractive, how about these images be just like a video which plays? Yes you can convert a video into playable image. These high quality moving animated images are commonly in one image format called GIF (Graphic Image format). Using some online tools, you can easily create your own image which plays just like a video. We can convert a video into a GIF image which will give you a feel of playing a video for a short span of time. But there are some limitations, the video should be less than 10 seconds at the maximum. and are such a website which lets you create animated GIF from individual images or by uploading a video. Today I’ll guide you through the steps on how to create your own GIF image out of a video. I have got a cool GIF image created using a video when Google street car coming on the way of two guys.

google street car coming on the way

Step 1:

Firstly, record your own video in your webcam or download a video of your choice from any websites like YouTube.

Step 2:

Now, use any video editing tool to cut edit your video in to a small size. You can use Windows Movie Maker software to edit the videos if you are on a Windows PC. You can do this by dragging and dropping the video file into Windows Movie Maker tray. You can also go to File > Import Into Collections. Then browse to find the file and you can select it to import the file.

Step 3:

Once you have the video file imported in the Windows Movie Maker collection area, you need to place it into the timeline, area just below the collections area so that you can start trimming the video. Simpy drag-and-drop the file from the Collection area to the timeline at the bottom of the Windows Movie Maker window.

Step 4:

Now trim the video into small timeline of around 5 to 10 seconds.  To start cropping the video click on the cursor when the cursor turn into a red double-sided arrow in the time line. Now go to the right side of the timeline and do the same thing, cropping the movie file until just after the part of the film you want to create GIF.
windows movie maker trimming

Step 5:

Once you have the trimmed the video into shorter length and size, save it on to a location on your computer and note that location for reference. To save the video just click on SAVE TO MY COMPUTER option Finish Movie section on the left side.  Save the video with a name which you can use for reference. Now, before your video is saved, a pop-up window will appear for you to select the file format. In order to keep file size small, select ” Video for Pocket PC” option as shown in the below image.  And then click on SAVE. So now the video file will be in size of 208 x 160 pixels, which is small enough to work as an animated .GIF.

windows movie maker gif maker saveStep 6:

Now, we are done with trimming the video to the desired part and saving it in a small size. The net step is to convert this video into a GIF image. Here’s where we need some help of Gifninja. Go to Gifninja and then select ” CONVERT VIDEO TO GIF” option and then upload your video and then wait for it to create your GIF image.

convert video to gif image

Still Confused? Watch the video.

I thought of making a video on this tutorial, but since there was a better one available on YouTube. I thought of using that one to show you how the entire thing work.

Do let us know your thoughts on greating GIF images using videos, by dropping your comments below
How To Make An Image To Play Like Video 1
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