How to Create Your Own Screenprint T-Shirt for Effective Offline Blog Marketing

screenprinted t-shirts
(Source: Shoemoney)

You must have very much involved in blog marketing online isn’t it? Have you ever thought of blog marketing offline? Today I’m going to tell you how blog marketing offline can help you promote your blog in branded style. You know, gifts are great way to promote your blog and you can make a contest online and give away gifts which promote you offline. T-Shirts printed with your blog logo is a great way of offline blog promotion, and you can also try many other ways of offline promotion like, Coffee Cups, Key chain, Greeting Cards, getting featured on Newspapers and TV and much more creative ideas. So I’m much more interesting in showing you how to sreenprint  your blog logo to a T-Shirt with the help of a video. Just watch it below and let me know your thoughts. And you can read more about offline blog promotion here.


Do let us know your thoughts on offline blog marketing and any unexplored way of blog promotion.
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