Track Sent Emails in Gmail To Know When They Are Opened (Email Tracker)

If a person sends an important email, he gets curious whether the recipient has seen his email or not, sometimes senders fear whether their e-mail has been moved to recipient’s spam folder. But now it is no need to worry about it, Right Inbox is an email tracker for Gmail that informs you whether recipient has seen your e-mail or not. Right Inbox is available in chrome extension and Firefox plugin as well. It integrates itself with Gmail and provides great accessibility to work with it. Not only you can track emails with Right inbox but also schedule them for a specific time.

How to Track Email with Right Inbox Email Tracker?

Using Right Inbox Email Tracker is seamless as it integrates itself with Gmail. You can track up to 10 emails using Right Inbox’s free service, you can pay as low as $ 4.95 monthly to track unlimited emails. Here is short tutor on how to download Right Inbox and track email freely with it.

  1. Download your copy of Right Inbox from this link [for chrome][for firefox]
  2. Once you install it, Gmail asks for the confirmation whether you want to grant access to Right Inbox, confirm the access
  3. Now restart your Google Chrome or Firefox browser and login to your Gmail account
  4. Click on “Compose” button and you can see 3 new buttons in this page – “Send later”, “Track” and “Remind me”
  5. To track email, put a right mark in “Track” check box and type your e-mail and then click on “Send”
  6. A message appears on the top- “Your e-mail is being tracked”, you will be notified with an e-mail when the recipient opens your email. In this e-mail you also get the IP address and location of recipient.
    email tracker

Right Inbox email tracker is the best way to track email that supports major browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Below is the snapshot of email sent by Right Inbox to inform the sender that the email has been opened by recipient.

email tracking 2

Video Tutor of Right Inbox Email Tracker


Track Sent Emails in Gmail To Know When They Are Opened (Email Tracker) 1
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