How to improve the lifespan of your PC

I love my computer. Like, love it a lot. It has been my constant companion these four years past ever since I bought it from Warehouse1  all those years ago, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Well… I wouldn’t change it except for when I am going to change it, but that’s only going to be when I finally get around to upgrading to the newest and latest model on the market, but that won’t be for another year yet. I am glad to say that with my computer that I have managed to keep it scratch, dent and break free –  but I’ve also kept it healthy on the inside, too. Even though the aesthetic of the case does mean a lot to mean, I guess I wouldn’t mind if my computer was covered in hair and smelled terrible, so long as the contents were working fine.

increase lifespan of pc

The reason that I have managed to keep my PC in such great shape these past few years is because I’ve followed a couple of simple rules when it comes to how I use it. I learned these from looking online and chatting to knowledgeable friends, and in doing so, I’ve effectively extended the life of my computer and managed to maximise a pretty valuable asset. I want to share some of these with you today in the hopes that it helps you too to have a healthy computer for a long time. Plus, you need to know that if you keep your computer safe you’ll protect any valuable information that is stored on it as well.


Step One

Don’t have drinks or food anywhere near your baby. There was a particularly memorable incident while I was travelling recently, and I managed to upend a beer right near my computer. It spilled onto the keyboard and though I frantically mopped the beverage up and tipped the laptop over, I was still mortified that I could possibly have hurt my darling PC. Lesson learned – and I never have drinks near my PC now, unless they’re in a screw top bottle. With regards to food I just don’t eat things while on my PC, and if I’m watching a movie I make sure the computer is at the foot of the bed or on my desk or something. Easy peasy!


Step Two

Keep your computer virus free. Yep, just like us puny humans, laptops can get viruses as well, except for laptops if they don’t have virus protection, it may as well be the 1600s and chickenpox, cos there’s a fair chance they can die. You MUST have the right kind of virus protection software installed otherwise you run the risk of having a nasty infection on your computer. Not cool. Mac computers come with virus software already, but PCs need to have anti-virus software installed. There are a number of reputable brands to use, many of which offer free trials.


Step Three

Don’t illegally download things. When you download movies or games from downloading sites you’re running the risk of potentially installing bugs and other nasties that can really wreak havoc with your system. Far better to go the route that most people are going nowadays which is using a video subscription site or buying the items online. It’s a safer alternative the other option, and usually ends up being far cheaper when you don’t need to replace your PC due to a virus strike!


I hope that this information about PC care has been helpful for you and that you manage to find the best possible way to extend the life of your PC. Remember, the internet is your friend – but not when you’re not protected against the possible nasties it conceals!

How to improve the lifespan of your PC 1
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