The web design checklist: Best practices that drive conversions

If you want your website to drive sales for your business, you need to ensure that it is setup to deliver conversions. The way that it delivers conversions is through the website’s design and content. Digital agencies in Melbourne know that a few simple tweaks in your website’s design could yield thousands of dollars in additional sales each year. Below are a few best practice methods that can be applied to your website.

web design checklist for conversion

Ensure your website’s text persuades your prospect.

The words that are used and displayed on your site will greatly influence the action that your web visitor will take. Consider the use of long or short form text to compel your web visitor to stay on the page and take action. The use and display of headings, reading text and call to action text is critical to your website’s conversion success. Amends to the display of the text can be made in your website’s CSS file.

Optimise your sales funnel.

Improve your website’s sales funnel by tweaking the consumer journey on your website. Most people arriving at the website will be a qualified lead and it is essential that your sales funnel process guides them to taking the desired action that you want them to have. Consider if you want your website to be used strictly for lead generation and qualification, whether you will use it to generate direct sales, leverage the site in remarketing efforts or to use a combination of the three.

Improve the page loading time of your website.

People demand that they receive their information quickly on the Internet. It is essential that your web design can present your web content as quickly as possible. Most web users will expect the web content to show in approximately 3 seconds. Ensure that any website themes, backend functions and data files can help to speed up the website. You can check the speed of your website and breakdown the file loading sequence by using Pingdom Tools.

Have a simple checkout process.

If you have managed to persuade your website’s visitor to buy, you want to ensure that they proceed with the sale successfully. Sometimes the checkout process can be confusing or become unsuccessful. You want to remove any element of doubt and ensure that your website’s visitors proceed with any web transactions confidently and happily.

Give your web users simple options so they can take your desired action.

Using the right buttons, forms or checkouts will improve your conversion chances to generate more leads and sales. Consider the use of pricing tables that provide multiple tiered pricing options, marketplaces, shopping carts or a single purchase option to proceed with the sale.

Optimising your web page for organic search.

Your website and web pages need to be optimised for search engines to successfully crawl and index the website’s content. By having a well-optimised web design layout, you will be able to increase your website’s chances of driving organic search traffic from relevant keywords.

Invest in compelling images that reinforces your website’s brand image and message.

You want everything that the website conveys about your business, products and service to reinforce why the web visitor should trust you. The images that you select for your website should reinforce the brand message the you have pitched to your website visitor.

Web design is intrinsic to a website’s commercial success. You want to invest in web design that will allow people to discover your website, but to also have the confidence to keep on coming back and to refer the site to others. If you feel like your website could improve its conversions, get in touch with an agency that can advise you on web design strategies to help improve leads and sales for your business.

The web design checklist: Best practices that drive conversions 1
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