How to Highlight Important Text in a Web page and Send It over To Your Friend?

Update: Unfortunately, as of 2017 has stopped their service. We will update alternatives soon.

If you are reading a book, you could’ve marked the important paragraph important text with yellow marked pen. But have you ever wondered how to do the same with web pages? Wonder no more, today, I found a nice tool which lets you do the same. not only that you can mark important text, but also add notes and send it to your friends with a short link. You can make use of this service from here. This service is hassle free, no software installation required from your part or from the other end who is receiving the link. Everything works online smoothly.

Must have situation to use text highlighter :
  • When someone is confused on what you are pointing to.
  • Save time of the reader.
  • Explain points with students of friends.
  • To save parts of a page which you found interesting.

And the list goes on and on…

What are the Features?
  • You can create an account and save all your markings.
  • Gives you a short link of your marking to send it to your friends via email.
  • Allows you to add notes in addition to highlighted text.
  • Available as Firefox addon, so that you don’t need to visit the page again and again. (click here)
  • You can email your highlighted web pages and share via twitter, Facebook, and bookmark then in delicious, and even in WordPress too.
How to send them text marked in yellow on a page?

You can send your important point marked and send it to your friend in 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Click here and enter the link which you want to add yellow mark.

highlight text with yellow markStep 2: Now select the important text with pen and then drag it, to highlight it.

Highlighted text with yellow colorSte 3: Click on Add note button on the top if necessary, once done, click on the DONE button to get the short link.

That’s all about it, you can now send the short link to your friend as email.  Did you enjoy this post? Do share your comments below.

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How to Highlight Important Text in a Web page and Send It over To Your Friend? 1
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