[Solved] Your connection is not private fix error 1000-1200

Google maintain some safety standards which secure you against distrustful websites. It responds whenever it discovers that you are making a wrong move. So basically “your connection is not private” error is a cautionary sign. In this article I will help you learn about this issue and will tell you some effective and easy solutions to fix this error.

How to fix “your connection is not private” error 1000-1200

When users attempt to open a website, the browser makes some essentially required safety checks. It investigates installed digital certifications on website servers to ensure that everything is on right track. During this process if Google catches something doubtful, it hold back the loading of site and “your connection is not private” error appears on your computer screen. In that case you can neglect this alarming sign and manually enter the same site to open it. But it may leak your login details, your data and even your payment information if you continue without caution.

Typically this fault appears when there is some issue with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection and your browser is unable to authenticate SSL connection. It is a protected way to encode the information from your computer and forward it to the server. It carries the data safely and privately during its transmission. If this error occurs that means your computer system is preventing the Google chrome to open the requested website with a safe and private method. This error actually protects you. 


Main reasons which cause “your connection is not private” error:

  • SSL connection is not obtained within the computer and the server.
  • SSL certification of the website you are trying to open is expired.
  • SSL certification available on the webpage does not actually associate to the needed domain.
  • The SSL certification is not circulated by a trustworthy organization.

You can solve it easily by yourself following the below mentioned ways:

Refresh and restore the page: the very first thing you should do is simply refresh the page because the error may appear by mistake. Click “refresh” on your browser or press “F5” to refresh the webpage. If still you have “your connection is not private” error on your computer screen, just restart your browser and try restoring the web page again. It may resolve the error because there is a possibility that the owner of website is presently renewing the SSL certification of the website or something is not right with your browser.

Update the clock: 

Most familiar reason behind “your connection is not private” error is inaccurate date and time of your computer system. Browsers depend on the date and time of your computer to correctly validate the SSL certifications of all requested WebPages. So check that and update the correct date and time if it is not up to mark.

Method 1: you can see the time at the bottom in the right side of your computer screen. Right click on the time shown by your computer. Select “adjust date/time” in the list and update the right date and time.


Method 2: type “date and time setting” in the search bar. Click “change the date and time” and update the actual time and date.


After updating the clock restart your browser and open the website again.

Clear away the SSL state of chrome: 

Clearing the SSL in chrome browser can easily help resolve “your connection is not private” fault if the things are out of sync. 

Step1: open the Google chrome. In the right hand side corner on the top, you will see three lines or three dots, click on these lines to see the options list. Click “settings”


Step2: now go to “show advanced settings” at bottom.


Step3: click “change proxy setting”.


Step4: when you click “content” tab you can see “clear SSL state”. Select it and click “ok” and start your browser again.


Erase caches and cookies of chrome: 

The error may be because of large amount of cache and cookies stored. Erasing the caches and cooking can fix “your connection is not private” error.

Step1: go to the chrome browser. Open “settings” by clicking the three dots or lines at the right side top.


Step2: scroll down and click “advanced settings”.  Click “clear browsing history”.

C:\Users\rads\Desktop\Capture 1.PNG

Step3: mark the options “cookies and other site and plug-in data” and “cached images and files” as shown in the image below. Then click “clear browsing data”.


Use Incognito mode: 

Press the keys “ctrl+shift+N” to open the incognito window in your Google chrome. Now enter the website you need to see. If the website opens in cognito window that’s great and that means everything is fine, the fault was because of some delay.

Step1: open the chrome browser and click the three dots or three lines on the right side of the top. Click “settings”.


Step2: the window is opened now click “extensions” in the left side. You can see the extensions list on your computer screen.


Step3: check if any extensions are interrupting with SSL connection. If you get any, disable the extensions by unmarking the box in front of “enable”. I have mentioned an example in the following image.


Check your antivirus software settings: 

Occasionally the antivirus software you are using can block the safety certificates of website causing “your connection is not private” error. So you need to analyze the settings of the antivirus software you are using. Turn off the “scan SSL” and now restore the webpage. If you are not able to find such settings then just disable the antivirus program for some time. Now try to open the website to see if the problem is solved. If the error disappears after disabling the antivirus program then you should change your internet security system or antivirus to prevent the problem in future.

Update the operating system: 

Older or outdated operating system can also interfere with the working of the browser. Check for the same and make sure that the operating system of your computer is updated. Set it to auto update to avoid related issues. 


You can fix “your connection is not private error” only if it is linked to your computer system or the device you are using to browse. If the error occurs due to unknown SSL certificate or expired certificate etc then you can’t resolve it. In that case only site administrators can fix it. I am sure that above listed information will help you understand about “your connection is not private error” and solve it.