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We thank technology for giving us the most ideal gadgets that enable us to do our work in a fast, convenient and easy way. Just imagine how it would feel like coming up with a hundred handwritten mails for your employer, clients or anyone you’re working with. While there’s nothing wrong about it because novelists in the past have even produced thick handwritten books, right now, it’s not a good option anymore. 

It’s not only tiresome, it looks not-so-professional as well. Of course, spare the love letters. Handwritten is the way to go. But for mails and forms intended for business purposes, typewritten is always mandatory since it’s more formal and professional-looking. Speaking of which, here is an article that provides useful suggestions on how to write more professional-looking emails. 

Now, why are we debating whether you should go for handwritten or typewritten works? It’s not really the issue we’re tackling right now since typewritten mails are mandatory in any kind of career path. And so, it is non-negotiable. 

What we wish to talk about is how to keep your desk neat and organized with all those gadgets laid on top of it to make our young adult professional life easier, not to mention also notepads, pens and other essential work knick-knacks. That desk is practically begging for clutter, but you should resist the urge to let the mess out of control. Having a nice desk with zero to very minimal clutter can keep your mind at peace and focused while you take on one task at a time on a typical workday. 

Using many gadgets though would mean having to manage multiple cables as well. And you know for sure that those cords are notorious for creating unsightly messy spaces especially when they get tangled up together. When this happens, sometimes, you don’t know which cable is for which gadget. Yes, folks, it’s confusing and annoying. 

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Get the Right Cable Organizers for Your Computers and Other Gadgets

Now, that ‘tangled’ situation shouldn’t be the number one constant on your desk. It’s something you should rather resolve once and for all. The answer? Get the right cable organizers that would be useful for all your computers and other gadgets. Since there are many choices available in the market, how can you choose what’s the best one for you?

There are key questions you should ask yourself to help you determine which items would make your desktop cable management a breeze. 

What would you use it for? 

Define the purpose you’d want it to serve. Would you like a cable storage on top of your desk so that you’ll have a go-to place whenever you need one cord for charging or doing other tasks on your gadgets? Having one with several compartments will make your cords neat and properly organized. With it, you’ll never have to scour through the piles of mess on your table again just to find that USB connector! The key is to give everything a home. 

Perhaps, you’d also wish for a cable holder so that your cords wouldn’t fall behind your desk whenever they’re unplugged. If that’s what you like, you need to choose one that could stick anywhere or on any kind of material. Also, it should be sturdy enough so that it can properly hold the cables in place without being detached from the desk where it was installed. 

For how long do you think would you be able to use it?

We budget-savvy young adults, don’t like to waste our money on something that would bid goodbye earlier than it should be. Yes, even if that item is as simple as a small cable holder. We want something that would serve us long time because we don’t want to go to shop repeatedly and buy the same item over and over again.

Meanwhile, here’s how you can finally start spending less money:

We’re not lazy. We just understand that buying anything we need should be within our ideal price range of products and commodities and it should be durable enough to serve us long time. 

Cable organizers for computers are a must-have for clutter-free desks. Choose one now. 

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