Tutorial : Getting Chatwing Chat for Your Site

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Nowadays, instead of spending hours of travel time just so you can relay a message to a friend or client, you can simply open your computer and chat with them online. With the existence of these chatting tools, our lives become much easier and jobs are done much faster. There’s one chatting tool however, that has simply become more than just a chatting tool. Chatwing is a tool created to deliver instant messaging while at the same time providing customer satisfaction. And one of its most appealing attributes is that it provides a pretty simple and hassle-free embedding process of its chatbox.

You can put it in your site through these steps.

  1. Registration

Register chatwing

First and foremost, you need to have a Chatwing account. It’s pretty simple since it will only ask for your valid email and password to be able to create one.

  1. Dashboard

chatwing Dashboard


In the Dashboard you can find all the previous chat rooms you’ve created, their status (if they’re live or not) and it’s also the place where you’ll create or delete one. You can access it automatically after you’ve registered or after you’ve logged in. Since this is your first time, you’re only going to see one chatbox – the one that is supplied to you by default.  Choose that and then press the Customize Chatbox button.

  1. Customize

Customize chatwing


The Customization panel is where you can modify the chat room’s functions and appearance. It is separated by tabs to make it easier to track the changes you’ve made on it. Feel free to modify your chatroom to whatever you want, but always make sure that you save your progress using the Save button provided at every tab (this sort of acts as a checkpoint).

Note: You’re not required to customize your chatbox – in fact you can completely skip this step and head on to the next which is embedding. However, it is strongly recommended that you do so as a modified chatroom is much better that a default one, visually and technically.

Here’s an example of a modified chatroom.

chatwing Chatbox - Modified

  1. Embedding

The Embedding Options tab is found with between two other methods of embedding – Group Chat Url and Pop Out options. You can access this page by clicking on the Use button on the topmost part of the Customize Page or the Use Chatroom button on the Dashboard. Clicking on it will show you two scroll bars, two boxes filled with codes and a preview image of you chatbox.

chatwing Embedded Options

You’ll need to adjust the bars to adjust of your chatroom once it goes live on your site. After doing so you’ll need to copy the codes in one of the two boxes – the Javascript or the iFrame one. Paste the codes into your site, save it and then refresh your browser. Your chatroom should be waiting for you to be used by now.

chatwing Embedding - Pasting

chatwing Embedding - Done

Note: Just in case the chatroom doesn’t show and you’re using the Javascript code, simply replace it with the iFrame code.

Chatwing chat software is a great tool with a lot of features in its arsenal. Each and one of these features complement the tool in its own way and overall, make it a simply better tool compared to its competitors. If you’re planning on putting a live chat support on your site, then Chatwing is just right for you.  It’s a great tool and you can get for free.

Tutorial : Getting Chatwing Chat for Your Site 1
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