TOP 3 Tools to Spy on Whatsapp

Spy on Whatsapp Really !!! Smartphones have revolutionized the face of telecommunication, making people available to be contacted round the clock not only through calling or text messaging services offered by cellular networks but also with the help of a multitude of apps that smartphone users can turn to for keeping in touch with each other. WhatsApp has emerged as one of the leading apps in this regard, providing users with the convenience of interacting with each other through text messages as well as sharing images, videos and other such content. It would not be wrong to see that WhatsApp has taken over the facet of text messaging and a mere peek into a user’s WhatsApp conversations can reveal anything and everything about the most intimate of their interactions. Here are a few tools that you can make use of in order to take a look at someone’s WhatsApp activities.

Let’s Start we these Tools to Spy on Whatsapp.

WhatsApp Sniffer

spy WhatsApp Sniffer
Spy on Whatsapp

Ranked at number six on the iOS paid app downloads chart and having been downloaded over tens of millions of times by Android users, this app is basically a packet sniffer which, as the name suggests, can sniff down any and every WhatsApp conversation taking place on the same WiFi network and trace and display their details for your pleasure. The app can read both incoming and outgoing messages for WhatsApp conversations for any Android, iPhone or Nokia Symbian phone and display them, separating conversations by phone numbers. So if you want to WhatsApp spy on someone sitting across the room without even having to touch their phone, there is no better alternative to the WhatsApp Sniffer for this purpose.


spyera software for whatsapp
Spy on Whatsapp

Besides offering many other spying features, this software allows users to spy on someone’s WhatsApp conversations provided that the software has been installed on the cellphone of the person whose WhatsApp conversations the user wants to monitor. Therefore it is best for people who want to get to know the WhatsApp secrets of the ones whose cellphones they can access for installing the software e.g. parents who want to monitor their kids. The users can then access logs of WhatsApp conversations and their details through their online user dashboard. What is even better is that this app also offers additional features like text message and email logging, browsing history logs, GPS location, etc. Users can benefit from these features too for keeping a better watch on the person that they’re spying on.

Flexispy Omni

spy on whatsapp with FlexiSPY
Spy on Whatsapp

This is also a suitable tool for users who have access to the other person’s cell phone whose WhatsApp conversations they are interested in spying on because the Flexispy software has to be installed on the target device in order for it to provide logs of WhatsApp conversations. Users can view the conversations along with their details through their Flexispy web account. This app also offers other additional features and users even enjoy the facility of live support which helps users seek guidance from someone who is online rather than through the emailing system if they need any help regarding how to spy on WhatsApp messages or use any other feature of the software.

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