How TO Convert MP4 To GIF?[3 Mind-Blowing Solutions!]

How to convert MP4 to GIF? It’s really simple! Just explore the solutions that are stated here and make your own GIFs.

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GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format which is a bitmap image format compatible with various operating systems. The use of GIFs has grown over the past few years because these short animated clips have a lot of advantages such as small size, compatibility for all browsers, etc.

There are many GIFs available on the internet but sometimes, people want relevant ones to explain their purpose. Consider the possibility that you need to use apart from MP4 but can’t find the relevant GIF on the Internet, then do you know you can convert Mp4 to GIF just by following some simple steps?

In this article, you are going to learn various methods to convert Mp4 to GIF.


Method 1: How To Convert MP4 To GIF With Online Converter

The first method which we are going to choose is the online method which is the easiest method among the other ones.

When you will search for online Mp4 to GIF converters, then a lot of websites will appear in your search results. These websites are great as they have many options and help you in the conversion online without downloading any software or application.

You just have to choose the right website for your conversion. For example, we have taken ‘EZGIF.COM’ and in the image shown below you can see all the options that are available on this website.


Go through the above link and follow the steps of converting MP4 to GIF as follows:

Step 1: There is an option of “choose files”, you have to select it and then choose the file which you want to convert to a GIF. After choosing the file, you have to click on “upload video”. 

All the supported media types are mentioned just above the uploading option and there is a file size limit of max. 100 MB.

convert Mp4 to GIF
convert mp4 to gif

Step 2: After uploading the file, you will see an option of the time frame you want to keep in the GIF so choose the start time and the end time accordingly. You have to choose the size, method and frame rate also. After choosing all the options, click on “convert to GIF”. 

How TO Convert MP4 To GIF?[3 Mind-Blowing Solutions!] 1

Step 3: You can download the GIF file right after this.

Although converting online is a great choice because these are simple and free to use but there are many limitations to them. It only allows files upto 100 MB and videos are usually large in size. Secondly, you have to keep in mind the factor of Data Security as you are uploading your file online to an unknown website.

To overcome these limitations, there are many other methods available. In the next method, we are going to see the use of softwares on PC in converting Mp4 to GIF.

Method 2: How To Convert MP4 To GIF  Using Software On Your PC

In the above method, we saw that the file size of up to 100 MB is allowed and there is a factor of Data Security also. In the following method, both these problems will be solved.

There are many video editing software available. We are going to take the example of “Wondershare Filmora”. It is a video converting software which can be downloaded from the following link:

Step 1: URL:

It is available for both Windows and Mac. While downloading, choose the correct operating system and then proceed further. After clicking on the above link, the following screen will appear:

convert Mp4 to GIF

Step 2: Click on “download” and the software will start downloading. A window will appear on which you have to click on “install”.

convert Mp4 to GIF

Step 3: After the software gets installed on your PC, you have to start it and then click on the Toolbox Tile from the top and the options available will appear on the screen. You have to select “GIF Maker” and then proceed with the next steps.

Step 4: Upload the MP4 file that you want to convert to a GIF and then adjust the preferences according to the output you want for your GIF. After selecting the preferences, click on “Create GIf” and it will be saved to your PC.

Method 3: How To Convert MP4 To GIF Using Applications On Your Android

Nowadays, along with computers, smartphones have also evolved and a lot of things have become so easy. To convert MP4 to GIF, you can use applications available on your android. There are many apps available for doing so and we are going to see an example.


Step 1: Open Play Store and click on the search bar then type “MP4 to GIF converter”. 

convert Mp4 to GIF

Step 2: You will see a lot of applications as a result of this search. Many applications are reliable but some of them don’t even work properly. So we are going to take an example of an application which is reliable and you can use for the conversion.

We will be using “MP4 to GIF Converter” by Weeny Software.

convert Mp4 to GIF

Step 3: Choose the app and then click on “install” option as shown in the following image:

convert Mp4 to GIF

Step 4: After installing the app, you will see that there are two features available – Video to GIF and it’s reverse option also. Hence, it is a very useful app that you can use on the go just on your android phone. 

After choosing the file, select the output parameters such as frame rate, GIF size, GIF speed etc. and then tap on the “convert to GIF” option to receive the final output.

convert Mp4 to GIF

Advantages Of Using GIFS:

  1. FILE SIZE: GIFs are of very small size as compared to other formats. If someone wants to stream something online or download it, then it may take a lot of time in the case of large videos. In the case of GIFs, due to their size, very little time is required to load online and download them.
  1. CONVEY MESSAGES BETTER: People nowadays don’t have time to watch long videos about an advertisement or any other cause. As GIFs are short animated clips, they convey messages in a better way than those hour-long videos. 
  1. EASY TO MAKE: As shown above, there are many methods of making GIFs. All these methods are easy and fast so that not much of your time is wasted and you get your output as required.
  1. SUPPORTED BY ALL BROWSERS: The biggest advantage of using GIFs is that it is supported by all the browsers. So, nobody would have any problem with running or using them.


GIFs can be used in a presentation to explain something in a short time, in an advertisement to attract customers, etc. Hence, GIFs have now become trendy and you can convert Mp4 to GIF anytime just by using any of the above methods.

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