6 Best Podcast Software In The Market For You!

Wish to record a Podcast or edit it? Looking for a good podcast software? 

Welcome, you are in the best place and we are going to take you on a tour of the best podcast software that you can find in the market.

Podcast software

Podcasts, by now, have become hugely popular and are widely used. Podcasts are becoming the new way of relaxation and killing time, especially while doing the house chores, long drives, traveling by train, etc. As you all might be familiar, it is an episodic series of spoken word digital audio files like a story, interview, or documentary that a user can download to a personal device and listen to, whenever and wherever.

Podcasts are an amalgam of elaborate and artistic sound production. Several of the podcast series provides connected websites with links and show notes, guest biographies, transcripts, additional resources, commentary, and even a dedicated community forum for relevant discussions on the show content. 

Here we are going to discuss the most popular podcasts software that millions of podcasters are using to record, edit, and master their tracks. Most Digital Audio Workstations(DAWS) enable you to record and edit your podcast, but if you are looking for advanced features, then you might have to spend some extra bugs to get those specific programs. However, some DAWS can automatically edit your audio through an algorithm. The best and the right one of these 10 DAWS is the one that you like!

1. Audacity – The Free Podcast Software 

Audacity is a free open source DAW, that has all the basic features which will help you get started on your podcast journey. Before spending much on podcasting software, consider getting a clear picture of the podcasting stuff with Audacity first. Well, it is pretty much a simple and user-friendly DAW with a basic look and feels, wherein you can record, edit multiple tracks, export several file types, and use multiple effects to present a clear and desired audio. Its salient features like Sync-Lock, Silence Finder, Saveable EQ, and effects, etc make it so popular equally among producers, professional podcasters, and beginners. Audacity is regularly updated and so you can get the latest pro tools at the earliest.  

Audacity Manual

Best features:

  1. It is absolutely free
  2. It has a plethora of tutorials to help you become an expert
  3. Works well with macOS, Windows 10, and Linux. Works on Chromebooks too, when Linux [beta] is turned on
  4. Fulfills the purpose of recording, editing, and exporting the track


Lacks multitask recording

2. Hindenburg Journalist: Become a podcaster

Now, this is a software that is specially designed for podcasts, interviews, and radio. Its interface is simple and user-friendly. Along with the basic recording and editing features, it boasts several other powerful features such as the easy-to-use noise reduction dial. It also identifies other noise around like hums, and hisses and eliminates them.  It additionally integrates with a few podcast hosting providers to bolster your podcast.

Hindenburg podcast software

Best Features:  

  1. The software works well on Windows and macOS
  2. Uploads your podcast in a click to podcast hostings like Libsyn and SoundCloud
  3. Automatically controls and eliminates noise and sets audio levels
  4. Special Clipboard feature supports storing and reaccessing files
  5. Provides a more natural voice by setting EQ on voices 


  1. Only Pro Version provides special features like multitrack recording for kype calls and  noise reduction
  2. Pro Version is expensive and adds way too many features. 

3. Auphonic: Audio Engineer

Auphonic acts like your personal audio engineer, who can provide you a complete makeover for your podcast. If you find yourself too busy to edit your podcast, then Auphonicis probably the best choice for you. This software’s algorithm will analyze your podcast, reduce the noises, and level the audio. The free version of the podcast also provides pretty much good features, but then you have to limit to one video upload a month.

Auphonic for Podcasters

Best Features:

  1. It can transcribe audio from over 80 different languages
  2. Saves to Libsyn, SoundCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc in a single click
  3. Relatively affordable
  4. Audio leveling features which avoid mutual cancellation of voice and music


  1. Internet access is essential.
  2. The desktop version lacks some essential features.

4. Zencastr- Long Distance Podcasting Software

This one is the best solution for long-distance recording and editing. Zencastr is featured with the advanced soundboard and built-in VoIP service that helps in recording and editing later options. This also facilitates adding intro and outro slides alongside recording and aids in improvising sound effects and clips at the same time. In addition to all of this, the finished audio gets delivered as a single processed mixed track. 


Best Features:

  1. Processes an optimized track 
  2. Files get directly backed up
  3. Allows Unlimited guests
  4. Web-based sleek interface
  5. MP3 and WAV recording


No mentionable drawbacks

Zencastr is testing a video podcasting

5. GarageBand

This is Apple’s beginner-level DAW and is the most popular free music production software that obviously is compatible with Mac. GarageBand is free to download and very user-friendly, too. With this software, you can easily create separate voice and music tracks that will suit your intro, outro, or even your ads. These files can be altered or modified as per requirement. GarageBand also enables plug-ins like EQ, noise gates, compression, and more for each of your tracks.


Best Features: 

  1. Totally free and included with Apple devices
  2. Easy interface for on-the-go editing
  3. Tracks can be backed in the iCloud backup.


Lacks advanced features like multitrack recording 

6. Adobe Auction: The Popular Podcasting Software

It has come a long way since it was acquired by Adobe in 2013. It is not only capable of producing music and podcasts but also aids in editing and mastering the tracks along with video production and web designing. Advanced features like noise reduction, EQ, batch processing, etc make it so popular among the users.  This software comes in with hundreds of hours of online tutorials, so it turns out to be a good podcast software for beginners too.

Adobe Audition

Best Features: 

  1. Comes as a part of Adobe suit
  2. Settings specific to Podcast
  3. A plethora of online training tutorials


Little expensive monthly pack

Podcasting Software is a requisite if you wish to deliver a quality podcast. Based on your requirements, you may choose from the above listed or even other podcast software that you find more eligible for your purpose. There is a whole planet of podcast software out there in the market, now with varied budgets and features. But one thing to be kept in mind that some software focuses on either recording or editing, while many others, with higher costs, handle both. So, I guess with your podcast software being selected now you can easily record, edit, and share your story!

If you intend to read further on Podcasts and their recording, please stay on and find the details in the coming story.

Why are Podcasts gaining all the attention?

Podcasts were there for more than a decade but it became really popular in 2014 with the application of a series called serial. And since then there is something for everyone. Shows ranging from true crime to fiction, and biographies users can find podcasts in all diverse streams. Factors that bribe everyone to try making a podcast are 

  1. Podcasts can be produced at little to no cost 
  2. The cost to the consumer is low  (many podcasts are free to download)
  3. Podcasting is very much a horizontal media form, where anyone can become a host or a consumer
 Podcasts You Must Follow

There are many variants of podcasts today like the Enhanced Podcasts, Podcasts Novels, Video Podcasts, or Live Podcasts. Podcast creators tend to have a good listener base because of their relationships with the listeners. 

How to record a Podcast?

As discussed, creating a podcast is reasonably inexpensive. The requisites are more or less handy and easily available which include 

  1. good quality podcast headphones for monitoring audio quality 
  2. reliable podcast microphones for all the hosts
  3. A podcast mixer to record from multiple sources
  4. An audio interface for converting sound to digital format
  5. Laptop for fast and convenient file transfers, editing, and storage.
  6. A podcast software, where you can alter all the necessary digital files. 

Although podcasts can be very well recorded elsewhere, recording them directly into the software, where you can edit and make all the changes in one place is always time-saving and convenient.  So if podcasts are on your list, then good Podcast software can make you deliver the best.


Now choosing the right software always depends on personal comfort and usage statistics, but we are providing you the most popular and widely used podcasts software. You may pick anyone according to your convenience and the one that suffices your needs.

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