How Do We Know That Cube Solitaire Tips the Balance In Favor Of Skills, Not Luck?

Most people wrongly assume winning card games are all about pure luck. While luck may play a minuscule part in the overall winning process, players need specific skills and experience to overcome hurdles and emerge triumphantly. The same is true for Cube Solitaire. 

How Do We Know That Cube Solitaire Tips the Balance In Favor Of Skills, Not Luck?

Cube Solitaire is a skill-based game and not single-handedly based on chance or luck. The game involves a single deck of fifty-two playing cards and four suits. The primary objective is to create valid sequences from Ace to King and transfer them to the foundation deck. The game is transformed into a fast-paced game in the online world, where each match session lasts for about five minutes. The game demands expertise and skills, which comes after learning the rules and playing a few matches. Also, it would be best if you abode by the game’s rules and cannot go astray. The only game aspect players cannot control when the cards are shuffled and dealt. Nobody knows what cards you’ll get or whether the deck will be solvable. 

But once the cards are dealt, the rest depends on your skills. How you move around the cards from one tableau to the next, when you click on the stockpile and the move you select when there are potentially multiple moves to play. Most players download the Cube Solitaire app and play a few free practice games before participating in cash-winning tournaments. 

If you’re still not convinced Cube Solitaire tips the balance in favor of skills and not luck, you need to understand the difference between games of chance and skills. 

Games Of Chance V/S Skill-Based Games 

Games of luck or chance primarily refer to games where players wager money to play against a randomizing device. Although there’s a slight amount of randomization in Cube Soliature, gamers cannot solely win on luck or chance. Instead, there are instances when players are dealt with a lousy hand, and they have turned the game around by applying strategies. 

In games of chance, gamers cannot control any of the variables. So there’s zero aspect of the game under the players’ control, and all you can do is pray. 

Cube Solitaire is different because it doesn’t matter if you start in a good or bad position. Instead, you can turn the game in your favor by carefully moving the cards around. Of course, if you are playing a 1V1 match, both players will be dealt the same cards. But how you move the cards or which moves you play over others will determine the game’s outcome. 

Therefore, games of skills are a far cry from games of chance. The game’s outcome is determined by your skill and the strategies you choose to implement. In your goal of making valid card sequences, you may take a different approach than your opponent, and that might be the difference between you losing or winning the match. 

All in all, Cube Solitaire isn’t a game of chance or a game of skills but a mixture of both. When the cards are dealt, you can pray and call upon your luck to get a good hand. However, once dealt, you can only rely on your skills, and your luck won’t play any part in your win. 

So, now that you know you need skills to win Cube Solitaire matches against formidable opponents, it wouldn’t hurt to know a few strategies that can get you a win. So read along to know them. 

Winning Cube Solitaire Strategies To Help Turn The Game Around 

  • It is uncommon, but you can go ahead and draw a card from the desk on your first move. The extra card at the start of the game might be a game-changer and increase your chances of finding more cards. 
  • Empty spaces are a boon and a bane. Empty spaces are used as temporary storage spaces when moving the cards from one column to the next. However, it can mean the end of your game if you do not have a King card to fill the space. If so, the column will remain vacant for the longest time and hinder you from using an entire column. 
  • The deuces and aces are of no help. Get them out of the way as soon as possible. Don’t let those cards weigh you down. The moment you get them, send them to the foundation deck. 
  • Placing the King card in an empty column is a divisive decision. Don’t take the decision lightly. Whether you place a red or black King, the decision must depend on the Jack and Queen cards you have at hand. The color of the King card will determine the color of the pile of that specific column. 
  • Before hitting the stockpile, carefully assess the cards at hand. Once you click the stockpile, new cards will be placed over the face-forward cards, and you cannot use them anymore. Therefore, ensure you’ve exhausted all the potential moves before clicking the stockpile. 

Final Thoughts 

Are you ready to flex your Cube Solitaire skills? First, you need to download the app and start playing free practice games. Then, compete against online players or friends and participate in events and tournaments. No matter what game mode you choose, knowing the game requires immense skills, and a deep understanding of the game’s rules is vital. Best of luck!

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