Google Launches Account Activity Report to Monitor Your Google Account

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Google is simplifying the technology every day, It works harder behind the scenes to make your work easier and smarter. Google has come up with the new “Account Activity” feature which let you know about activity of Google services in-depth. For now Account Activity includes basic services such as Account Information, Gmail and Web History but soon Google is planning to add more products here.  It sends the report of your account activity each month once you opt-in Google Account Activity feature. The Account Activity Report sent by Google seeks your password every time you open it.

How to Get Google Account Activity Report?

  1. Sign-in to your Google Account and open Google Account Activity page in another tab
    Google Account Activity
  2. Make sure you have checked “Send me an e-mail every time a new report is available” check box in Account Activity page and click on “Opt-in” button.
  3. That’s it.. Now within seconds you should receive your first Google account activity report to your e-mail
  4. Just click the link embedded in the Google account activity e-mail you get and enter your account password.

Opting the Google Account Activity Let You Know About-

  1. Emails you send and receive with most contacted ids
  2. Account information that includes the countries you are accessing your account, internet browsers you use and operating systems you use to work.
  3. Web history you search on Google with top queries and search type such as images and web.
    Account Activity Report

According to Google the new Account Activity is helpful for protecting the Google account as it displays the sign-in country. So if someone is accessing your account from other country, you can immediately change the password and protect your account.

Google Launches Account Activity Report to Monitor Your Google Account 1
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