How Do Consumers Feel About Streaming Services and Cable TV

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Since the inception of streaming services, we see a rising trend of consumer’s inclination towards Netflix, Hulu, and other services, as opposed to Cable TV. The Cable TV providers have nothing to worry about yet but as soon as these services get better, we will definitely see a paradigm shift. So, what has contributed to this cord-cutting movement? The answer to that is simple. The ever-increasing monthly charges of Cable TV, the annoying contracts and their early termination fee, frequent power outages, and taxes/surcharges on top are too much to handle. If something goes wrong, there are unbearable wait times for Cox or Spectrum Internet Customer service

Secondly, the streaming services are more convenient. You don’t need any equipment to set them in the first place. A high-speed internet would do it all. However, there is one major downside to this. These streaming services don’t cater to Local channels for sports and news, yet. If you are an NFL fan, you will probably miss a lot of football. Moreover, there are so many options available in the market and honestly, it is quite difficult to pick one. 

Nevertheless, how do consumers feel about streaming services and Cable TV? We created a comprehensive guide on all the common concerns consumers have regarding these streaming services and Cable TV: 

Common concerns:

“Consumers want choice — but only up to a point”

Undoubtedly, the streaming revolution has proven to be a good thing for American consumers. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to companies like Comcast with a fortune of unwatched channels and awful customer service, streaming services like OneTwoStream are affordable and offer better flexibility.

However, there is one problem, there are so many of them. It was fine when things were simple. We had to choose between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Roku. Right now, everyone is coming with a streaming service of their own. Apple has finally realized the potential and a large influx of consumers towards these services. They have launched Apple TV. Peacock is set to launch this year. The companies are catering to all the needs of this industry by locking popular TV shows. This will generate an audience and take a sum off our pockets. 

At the end of the day, we’ll be left with dozens of streaming services and our monthly bill will resemble that of the Cable TV. This takes away the entire purpose of streaming services. If convenience and affordability were the factors that compelled consumers to get these services, they will not have any reason to stay if these factors are taken away. 

“The Sports content isn’t enough” 

This is true for people watching all the major American Sports Leagues. Cable TV caters every aspect of sports and streaming services are not doing much about it. Even if they get you National Sports channels, how are they supposed to get the local sports channels to watch college football and basketball? Moreover, YouTube Live TV somehow tackles the issue as they get you live coverage from all the popular sports channels at a cost. Then again, this is an additional subscription. 

“We can’t let go of cable TV easily” 

Despite paying more than a hundred dollars every month for cable, some people are still finding it difficult to do away with Cable TV. Firstly, even with the presence of 50 unwatched channels, they get 70 other channels that are difficult to forfeit. With tons of options available in the sports and news corner, no streaming service can replicate the entertainment Cable TV gets you. The NFL and NBA fanatics get ESPN, FOX Sports, NBC Sports, NFL RedZone, and other sports channels together in a package. This spares them the inconvenience of signing up for these channels separately. 

“Cable companies should control the ever-increasing prices of their plans” 

Even though the urgency of sticky to cable is hard to let go of, cable companies get to our nerves when the prices go up higher, month after month. There is nothing such as a flat rate. The taxes, fees, and surcharges are added to the monthly bills making it more difficult to cope with these hikes. 

These concerns have created mass confusion among consumers and until a better service pops up that addresses all these concerns or cable TV fixes all the issues, we see no light of hope.

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