HitTail Review; Long Tail SEO Tool to Hit High Organic Search Traffic

Before I go into the review, let me explain a bit about Long Tail SEO if you already don’t know.

Keyword research is the critical factor for SEO success. You cannot plan on-page or off-page SEO unless you know which keyword to target and picking the right keyword is crucial for your efforts to pay off. The more competition for a keyword, the harder it is to rank. Most generic keywords with one word have high competition. But single word search contribute to only 20% of the total search queries and rest 80% will be “single word+more specific words”, for example:  Only 20% of the people overall search for just “WordPress” and rest search for WordPress + more words like  “wordpress plugin for reviews”, “WordPress blog backlinks”, and so on. The below graph should give you a better understanding.

long tail seo percentage


More generic = more competition = harder to rank.

hittail long tail keyword targeting

More specific= less competition = easy to rank

Some facts about long tail SEO

  •  Long Tail Keywords are less competitive.
  • They convert more sales.
  • Easier to rank than most generic single or double keyword phrases.
  • Generally Easy to rank since less competition.
  • Attract more relevant traffic
  • Targeting more cluster of long tail keywords may overtime rank you for main keyword

long tail seo clustering
long tail seo clustering

Targeting these more specific keywords are called Long tail SEO. Even though they contribute to 80% organic searches, long tail keywords are not very easy to find until now. But only until now.

I’m excited to share HitTail. A long tail SEO tool which could save you hours spending on keyword research, and give you perfect keyword suggestions based on your sites existing traffic.

Why you need HitTail:

What we all what is to rank higher in search engines to get traffic, and you need great content to bring traffic to your site. But wait, would content alone bring traffic? No, not just great content, you need content that offers great value, and it should be optimized(on-page SEO) for just the right keywords that bring traffic. If you are not doing the keyword part right, then your efforts will be in vain.

Most of you active in the SEO community might already know about the Google’s Humming bird update. Unlike Panda or Penguin, the Humming bird is a completely new and it aims at conversational search which are long tail. Google now likes to answer more complex and long search queries and to make the most out of this new change you can’t find any perfect tool than HitTail.

What Hittail does and how?

HitTail deals with one major part of your SEO effort that other SEO tools can’t offer, that is finding topics that your blog “can”  potentially rank so you can create new content based on this keyword suggestion and you can also improve your old existing content. How it does: Hittail starts tracking your website traffic as soon as you setup the site with HitTail tracking code, and then based on their algorithm and matching with your existing content, you will be given keyword suggestions

hittail suggestions demo
You might ask why should you write about content on specific topics instead of writing topics based on keywords you find others are ranking. But once again, what brings traffic? “relevant content”, not just any content you write on random topics. After Panda update, Google started favoring niche sites with much of content relevant to other posts on the same site. So its not just about on-page SEO of one single article, but overall relevancy to the topics you publish on your blog.

For example: An article about “red flowers” on a site which only writes about “flowers” will rank higher than the others sites who write on random topics. Because site which writes only about flowers can rank easier for more specific keywords because they have more content about “flowers” in general. 

Should you try it?

Hittail is a must try tool for all those who want to find topics that have high potential to rank on your site based on the existing traffic on your site. Because Hittail knows how people are finding to your site. And it does it in real time, and offers long tail keyword suggestions which amounts to almost 80% of the search traffic. Since it gives you suggestions based on search terms that are already bringing traffic to your site, readers who come to your site will be more likely to read the other pages on your site and hence reducing bounce rate and having high chance of getting a user subscribe to your blog, resulting in more returning visitors. So lets list it out in points.

  • Suggestions based on your site’s existing traffic+content.
  • Help get new content ideas
  • Optimize old content for higher traffic and ranking.
  • Better keyword targeting spending less time researching
  • Help reduce bounce rate.
  • Highly likely for visitors to subscribe.

How to try Hittail.

Its free for first 21 days to try and its good enough time for you to experience what it can do for your SEO efforts. Hittail offers many different plans based on your monthly unique visits and features. You can check the complete plans details here.
Setting up Hittail on your site:

Setting up Hittial is pretty simple, first get an account and you just have to do the one time effort of adding hittail tracking code to your site and hittail will start tracking your search hits. You can view the recent keywords and also the suggested keywords on the dashboard. Once Hittail starts collecting data, it will mailing you only the best selective keywords with high ranking and traffic potential to your inbox every day. So you can start targeting those keywords and start getting traffic with least effort. Its simple as that.

Words from my experience using Hittail.

I have been using Hittail for about 19 days now and I’m impressed with the tailored keyword suggestion data that it has offered me, and I’ve also seen some effects of publishing articles based on hittail keyword suggestions and they are doing pretty well. And it makes more sense publishing such posts offering contents that users want to read. Its a must have SEO tool for content marketers and bloggers alike. It’s very effective for niche blogs, review sites, and eccomerce sites.

Here’s the 21 days Free signup link for you to try.

I would love to hear your opinion after you try. Or if you are already using hittail, please share your experience and tips with us. Leave your comment below.

HitTail Review; Long Tail SEO Tool to Hit High Organic Search Traffic 1
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