What can the Cloud Storage do for your business?

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    What can the Cloud Storage do for your business? 3
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    Business owners should be seriously looking at the benefits of cloud-based technology. Using cloud software online can help your business grow, by improving accessibility to information, saving time spent on administration, and lowering the cost of IT consultation services.

    cloud storage for business

    The most significant benefits are the back-up storage of all your crucial data, and the ability to access information from any network location. No more being stuck behind your desk. Use your ipad, smartphone and other mobile devices to enhance your business and the make the most of cloud technology. So what can the cloud do for your business?

    • Offer you Fast remote access anywhere. All you need to make the most of a cloud-based service is a fast internet connection. With a little initial training, you can set up all your important documents to be accessible via the cloud platform, where all your staff can access them instantly from any location. You can also use job management software such as WorkflowMax to manage workflow and collaborate with staff and clients from anywhere in the world.
    • Data sharing capabilities. Make use of cloud-based services by expanding services across your network. Your staff can use the platform to data share with other members of staff (no more losing or deleting files on a personal PC hard drive). With a cloud-based service, all your information is stored and backed up remotely, so it can be accessed anywhere, whereever your business might take you.
    • Save money. Cloud technology will save your business money on IT consultation fees. After the initial set up of uploading your data and learning how to use the software, your need for IT consultations should be fairly minimal. Cloud software is easy to use and are specially designed to integrate with all other smart hardware, tablets, smartphones etc. Plus, cloud software is automatically updated to the latest versions, so you’ll have no costly roll-outs and re-training schemes.
    • Increase your networking and business capabilities. Using Cloud-software shows that you are an innovative business ready to embrace technological change and developments in your industry. This alone is a valuable message to send to staff, existing customers and potential new clients. Other businesses will learn of your technological step and follow suit. Be a leader in information management in your industry.
    • Integrate your technology. Cloud platforms integrate with all kinds of other network tools, devices, software, and hardware. Think of it as a vital part of a full electronic package. You’ll be surprised all the applications – such as job management software – you can share data and integrate with your existing systemsShare up to date data instantly, such as daily and weekly profits and retail figures with all your stores instantly. Sync meeting notes across an organisation direct to everyone’s registered devices, and enable staff to collaborate on projects from different offices, while your clients can sign in and approve changes without delay.

    Cloud platforms are immensely useful across all industries. Make use of this fantastic technology to develop your business!

    About the author:

    WorkflowMax offers workflow management software based in the cloud, that will take the pain out of running your business. A total solution covering all operations from prospecting to quoting, time sheeting to invoicing and everything in between, WorklowMax is ideal for creatives, agencies, consultants, professional services, IT, and trades – if your business is job focused then WorkflowMax is the tool you need.


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