Concerns over PRISM and Data Mining Addressed by Cloud Storage Providers

Some of the biggest enterprises in the world will surely be alert to the threat of having some of their most valuable data and files compromised. Until recently, the people they feared would be most likely to try and steal their most sensitive files were individual or group hackers, but the advent of the PRISM scare and prying eyes from governmental agencies such as the NSA has changed that.

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PRISM has made many businesses question the security of all data and files that they deem of at least minimal importance, particularly those stored online. Hybrid cloud storage firm Egnyte are one of the few within their sector to address concerns over PRISM and government interference by announcing that their cloud service for larger companies will offer strong protection from it.

Secure in the sky

The company’s PRISM prevention program is said to be able to detect any content and file sharing devices which aren’t approved by any customers’ IT departments. This helps to ensure that files accessed via the cloud are only used with authorised devices owned and administrated by the business, ensuring that no hackers or government agents can get to any sensitive documents.

Aside from guarding against the perceived threats posed by PRISM, the program helps to easily categorise files in terms of how important they are and whether or not they should be stored in the cloud or only be accessed from a physical location. This particular feature could also help Egnyte with boosting their appeal among larger enterprises that may approach the cloud with caution.

Colour coding

The firm offer three categories in which their customers can place their important files and data – green for those which are safe for the cloud, yellow for those which should be accessed only when they’re really needed and red for ones which should just be stored on a secure physical file server. This system is pretty easy to understand for anyone who’s new to the world of cloud storage.

Guarding against PRISM and the alleged threats it poses to data security is something large enterprises may see as appealing. However, that might not be a major selling point to those who just want a cloud storage service that provides them with enough capacity to store all their important files without having to worry about it being stolen.


Concerns over PRISM and Data Mining Addressed by Cloud Storage Providers 1
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