Getting a Best Gaming PC- Top 10 Factors to Look For

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Gaming PC is once again more popular than ever. With newer hot titles popping up every month, Gaming PC popularity is rising exponentially. 2019 was marked by the release of several exciting titles such as Devil May Cry 5, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Resident Evil 2 (Remake). 2020 has also several highly anticipated releases like Doom Eternal, Final Fantasy (Remake) and so on.

There are also tons of indie titles that are getting released for a while and you can’t afford to miss any of these Gaming PC releases. This article will guide you on getting the best gaming pc for your gaming needs considering all the various factors including your budget and other requirements.

Budget- the Most Important Factor

With so many options of hardware available in the market, you can spend an insane amount of money behind a gaming PC. This is not the case for everyone obviously. Therefore, you need to make smart decisions if your budget is tight, you won’t need the most advanced gears for all the parts in your gaming pc.

GPU or Graphics Processing Units can cost well above $500, so it will not make any sense to get one of these to play low tech indie games. Besides, SLI or Crossfire Mode can allow you to run two GPUs at once. But if you are only going to spend a grand behind the whole setup, it simply won’t be possible. It’s best to carefully plan a budget before making the purchase for your best gaming pc. Do check out PC Powerzone for their amazing cheap bundle offers of gaming PCs.

The Type of Games You Want to Play

Every gamer has different tastes. And the system requirements differ greatly from game to game. If you love first person shooting games, be ready to invest in a high-end GPU. Especially if you want to try new releases like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019).

On the other hand, strategy games often need more CPU power with a balanced combination of a good GPU. Those that are turn based, like Unity of Command II will need more CPU power for better AI processing. Usually, the higher the version of DirectX, the better the GPU should be. Certainly DirectX 11 will give you a better look than its predecessor, but you’ll need better GPU to run it smoothly.

For Graphics, Display is Important

Always adjust your game settings to get the best out of your graphics card. There are so many gamers who spend a good deal of money behind a GPU, only to never tweak with the settings. If you buy a $1000 graphics card for a monitor with an average resolution, it’s a waste of money.

A good rule of thumb is to always spend one-third of your total budget behind the graphics card. Only go for pricey cards if you have a need, like stereoscopic 3D or high-end graphics designing. We assume that a lot of gamers won’t even need those in most cases.

Avoid overclocked graphics cards, from my own experience it often causes issues in stability. Modern LCD monitors are cheap but you can always get IPS LCD monitors. These monitors allow higher colour fidelity, but it’s not a must.

CPU and Cooling- More is not Always Better Here

I do have a Gaming PC with a 9-core processor. But I do not have it for the sole purpose of gaming. The performance that I get from these extra cores allow me to do video editing and some programming. I love the setup, but most gamers don’t need six cores to run the latest games, let alone nine.

Be wise and invest more in GPU rather than spending tons behind the CPU. If you do want to have a high-end processor, then you can check out Intel Core i7 9700K, which comes at an affordable price of $299.99. Intel Core i5 9600 processor is another affordable choice which comes at a price of $261.25, this is a more budget friendly choice.

Sealed liquid CPU coolers are definitely a cool choice if you want to keep the CPU temperatures low. Plus, you’ll love it when you don’t like noises coming out from your CPU.

Memory and Storage

You can go for DDR3 memory cards. These are quite inexpensive these days. If you have a 64-bit version of Windows, you should not go below 8 GB of memory. Windows 10 supports up to 128 GB memory for 64-bit home version. That limit is an overkill though.

A combination of a small Solid State Drive or SSD with a 1 TB hard drive is good enough. This will give a much better performance than a single hard drive. Optical drives and Blu-ray drives are too much- especially when you have a tight budget. With so many options of digital download popping up like Steam services, these will serve you little in your gaming endeavours.

Power and Motherboard

You won’t need more than 300W of power supply to run an intensive game to its full power. Get yourself a power supply of 500W which will be more than okay. Modern Gaming PCs can run perfectly in idle state at around 70W, so you get the idea. Most of us gamers are not bothered with overclocking the settings and thus high-power supply is often not necessary.

As for motherboards, just make sure it supports the CPU you have. Also make sure that the memory speeds are in line with it. You won’t need to worry much if you’re buying the whole system. A decent amount of USB ports is always desirable though. Also make sure that the case blocks noise from cooling fans!

Input, Controls, Audio and Communication

Don’t go too fancy with these parts. High end mouse and keyboards make little difference in actual gaming performance. Do get a good microphone though for multiplayer modes. It’s better to go for tethered devices rather than buying wireless ones to lower the costs.

As for controllers, modern PCs support Xbox wireless controllers and Windows wired controllers that are similar to Xbox ones.

Last but Not the Least

Enjoying the pc games is the more worthwhile experience, not the gears or what you spend behind them. Follow the tips in this article to build the best gaming PC for yourself.

Till then, Happy Gaming!

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