Internet of Things: How It Is Expected To Change Your Work Day In The Near Future!

Smart Devices; Phones and tabs are rapidly taking over the world; the futuristic concept “Internet of Things” is increasingly becoming a reality! At present approximately 2 lakhs smart devices are sold daily and the number is expected to rise exponentially by the end of this decade.


As a matter of fact, it is believed that by at the turn of the decade, the number of smartphones, tablets, and PCS will reach to a whopping number of 7.3 billion; in turn making our entire world – an intimately connected place where each device will correspond with each other.

Let’s see a hypothetical situation & learn more about internet of things and how it will make our lives easier:

  • In near future – year 2020; you have to attend a meeting in the office, you have the alarm to get up at 6:00 in the morning.  However, you receive an email stating that the meeting has been postponed for post lunch session. The integrated system will notify the smartphone to push back the alarm by an hour. Your sleep is not disturbedwhile you will receive an alert about the change in the meeting schedule; the moment you wake up. Isn’t it a smart way to begin your day!
  • Next thing you get ready and leave for your office; but before moving out, you can start your car from the hand held device and even set a preferable internal temperature. So, now your smartphone is also connected to your car (Remember this is 2020!) Now these connected vehicleswill coordinate with the traffic signals and will find an effective and quickest route through which you can reach to your office, without encountering congestions and jams on the road.
  • Okay, while you are driving to office, you can quickly check your emails and even answer to some urgent ones. So, your work will not suffer, just because you are not able to take a look at some of the important mails. Once, you reach office, the GPS data and parking sensors; the car can quickly and easily find a proper parking spot.
  • Not only, do these smart devices help you in managing your schedule, they also help you to pull off a difficult and never-heard-before assignment really well at the work. Suppose, you get a task which you have never done in the past, you can rely on the software on your device. The software on your tablet gives a detailed and step-by-step tutorial which helps you to understand the concepts and hence you can perform the task with utmost efficiency.
  • You happen to be a forgetful individual and you keep your tablets somewhere in the conference room and then forget it; the beacon sensor in the tab will communicate its exact location and you can search it while on your working on your PC.

The whole idea behind Internet of things is that you can operate anything from anywhere with just a click of button!

These situations may sound highly imaginary right now, but are the future that actually is about to materialize making work more productive.

Bonus Video: Internet of Things of future.

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Chirag Shivalker is a Head of Technical Content Team at Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services. He has more than decade long experience in writing technology and trend analysis. Chirag is an expert in technology and technological trends along with business writing.

Internet of Things: How It Is Expected To Change Your Work Day In The Near Future! 1
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