Find How-To videos For any thing in the universe.

Are you tired of getting irrelevant and inaccurate videos in YouTube? Just switch your idea to a dedicated How-To videos website. Not one but I've found two of the most popular and most useful how to video websites where you can find almost anything you need. You can pretty much find videos from

How To Convert Cassettes To Digital Music Files to How To Live Longer. These sites  are getting more popular because of their unique contents. I'll break the silence to reveal the two most useful video sites specially dedicated for how to videos. And they are and both are equally useful and rich in contents. In-fact videos in Wonderhowto were all collected from various sources like YouTube.

Some brief about

how cast logo

Howcast streams tens of millions of videos every month across its multi-platform distribution network. Howcast offers the #1 mobile platform for instructional content in the world with over one million downloads of its iPhone app, and

recently launched its Google Android app to critical acclaim.

howcast video text

And if you would like to note down the steps, then they have a very useful "Easy Steps" bar on the left and also the steps below the post. And it also has a list of items required to follow the steps in the video. Just have a look at the yellow box in the below photo.

how to videos and steps

Breif about Wonderhowto:

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  • User-friendly and fast navigation interface.
  • Highly relevant results for search keywords.
  • A huge list of professionally made videos from YouTube to make users understand easier.
  • Plenty of categories to choose from.

One of the video which caught my attention: