Characteristics of a Great Domain Name

A great domain name is vital for the success of your website. The following are some characteristics of great domain names.

Great domain name

They are short

Great domain names are short. However, there is no hard and fast rule about the number of characters. A general guideline could is, never exceed 20 characters. Just keep in mind, the shorter the better. As regards the number of words, it is advisable to aim for a one-word domain. However, it is a bad idea to have a domain with more than three words.


They can be remembered easily

Many users of the internet don’t use bookmarks. Instead, they memorize the domain names of sites and type them in when they want to visit one. If your domain name is complex, you will lose many visitors along the way.

They are easily spelt

You don’t want visitors to misspell your domain name and land somewhere else. Avoid unusual foreign words, strange letter combinations, words with complex pronunciation, or anything that would cause anyone to misspell your address.

They have .com extensions

Organizations may prefer .org domains, while companies targeting particular geographical locations may register local domains (e.g. .cn,, .it etc.) Besides these cases, a .com domain name is usually the best option. The extension is very popular worldwide and is what is in most people’s minds. Most people visiting your sire will remember the name, not the URL. When they wish to visit your site again, they might automatically type the name followed by the .com extension. If your domain does not end with a .com, they will end up somewhere else.

They are descriptive

Many people will land on your site via links on other sites or through search engines. They will visit your site if the domain is appealing enough. If your domain name is descriptive, it will give visitors a clue of what your website is about before entering it. If the domain contains relevant keywords, it could improve your search engine rankings.

They are brandable

A brandable domain has an intriguing combination of letters, nice pronunciation and a great visual effect. Though a brandable domain might be descriptive, it will make people associate your site’s name with its content.

They don’t contain numbers or hyphens

Domain names containing numbers and hyphens are as bad as those with complex spelling. For instance, if your domain name is, the words ‘gizmo’ and ‘hub’ will stick in the minds of people. Along the way, the hyphen is likely to be forgotten. Numbers will just cause confusion with the spelling. is likely to be confused with


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  1. Great post. However, for specific micro niche websites, generally it will be opposite. Domain names in such cases will be quite longer as one will be trying to tap the keyword phrase into full domain name so as to get the SEO benefits.
    Of course, generally otherwise, one has to stick with the above rules though.

  2. Nice information on domain name characters. I heard before the limitations of title tag and description tag but first time am heard about domain characteristics. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

  3. Very well written Zubin...Agree with all the characteristics of a gr8 domain name !! esp the 1st and last ;-)

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