How to Transfer Domain from Netfirms to Godaddy in few easy steps.

Netfirms and Godaddy are the famous Domain registrars on the web. Godaddy being #1 on the web, has always been the first preference of first time domain buyers because of its easy to use user interface and great offers.

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So obviously you came here to know how to transfer the domain from Netfirms to Godaddy. Then lets begin.

For any domain transfer to process from any registrar to another, you need to have these two:

  • Authentication code from the current registrar: Every domain registrar like netfirms offers you with an authentication code which you will be asked to enter at the new registrar (this case Godaddy) where you want the domain transferred.
  • Transaction ID and Security code: This is sent by the new registrar (here Godaddy) to the admin email as per. the Whois records for the domain you are trying to transfer. This is to verify the ownership of the domain

1. So lets begin with these simple steps:

In order to begin the transfer process, you need to make sure you have the domain unlocked and disabled private registration, updated the correct whois mail address in your netfirms account, so you can transfer the domain to Godaddy smoothly. Follow the below simple steps to update the settings.

To edit these settings you need to >;>; Login to Netfirms >;>; Go to Control Panel >;>; Then Domain central (under domains)

Once you are on domain central, Click on "Domains" on the next page, Click on the the domain name you want to transfer. Now, you will be presented with some options tab like : Overview, Pointers, Transfer, Contact, DNS, Nameservers, Security , Subdomains, Renew. Click on Transfer

  1. Make sure you have disabled domain privacy: (If your domain is private, Godaddy will not be able to find email and send verification codes to the admin email id as per the domain records, so make sure you have disabled the domain privacy until the domain transfer is done.)
  2. Make sure that the domain is not currently locked.
  3. Ensure that the domain (whois) email address in the netfirms panel is correct and you have access to retrieve the mail.
  4. And the domain is atleast 60 days old or active for at least 60 days.
If you have done it right, you should see green check symbol after you have updated your settings.

2. Adding the domain to Godaddy.

Now we are going to get started with the transfer process at Godaddy.
  1. Firstly, login to godaddy account and go to .
  2. Enter the domain in the text field.
    transfer domain to godaddy
  3. Click on go, and proceed to cart. It can get nasty when Godaddy pitches you for various offers before you can finally go to cart.
    Tip! Search for any discount coupons on or or contact us via the contact form for discounts and offers before place the order.
  4. Once you have placed the order, you will receive a mail from Godaddy with this subject "Transfer of YOURDOMAIN.COM - Action Required" with this mail, is the enclosed Transaction id and the security code which you need to enter to authenticate the transfer process from Netfirms to Godaddy.
  5. Now go to your "My account" page on Godaddy, select under products, click on "Domains" under the domains, click on "Transfers" there you can see pending transfers. Once you click on that you will be taken to a page where you can see the current status of the transfer process.
    pending transfers
  6. In the pending transfer page, you will find the domain name for which you have initiated the transfer process. In the "Status" tab, you will find the link asking you to authenticate the transfer. Click on it, to open the dialog box to enter the "Transaction id and the password" which you received via mail to the whois admin email for the domain. Once you confirm, you will be asked to enter the authentication code from netfirms. You can get the authentication code mail to you by clicking on "Send auth" button on the same page. You can check the image no.2 for reference.
Thats it, now wait for few days to complete the transfer. You will receive a confirmation mail from Godaddy once the transfer process is completed.