Box- Store and Share Your Files Online with 5GB Free Storage

box is a cloud service that allows you to store your files online up to 5 GB for free.  By using box you can share and manage your files online from almost any of the devices including PC, Android, iPad, iPhone and Blackberry. box is similar to Dropbox but with more power, here you can store up to 5GB where in Dropbox the space is limited to 2GB. Now wherever you go, your files follow you.

What makes box different from other cloud service providers?

  1. Box- Store and Share Your Files Online with 5GB Free Storage 1box offers simple yet secure storing & sharing.
  2. You can access your files from any of the following devices including PC, Android, iPad, iPhone and Blackberry.
  3. Send big files to your friends or embed the same into your website, you can even share the whole folder.
  4. Effortlessly upload your files with HTML5 drag-and-drop technology from your desktop.
  5. box offers Online Collaboration feature that allows you to make shared folders and invite people to view, edit and upload files. You can post comments and conduct discussions around any folder. You will be updated with any changes made by your teammates to your shared folders.
  6. You can add apps to your box account, a pre-installed Gmail app adds an option called “Send with Gmail” to all your uploaded files that let you send the stored files seamlessly with a single click via your Gmail account.
  7. You can assign tasks to your files for yourself or assign the same to your teammates in collaborated folder.
  8. You can specify the tags for your files to categorize them or to search them quickly.

box Plans & Pricing

box is offered in Personal, Business and Enterprise plans. Personal plan offers 1 user, 5GB of free space, file sharing links and mobile app access. Business plan costs $15 per month and allows 3 to 500 users, it provides 1000 GB of cloud storage and allows 2 GB of file size limit, you can protect your files with password and the upload speed is higher than Personal plan, Enhanced collaboration is remarkable feature in this plan. You can try Business plan for 14 days for free or can get 2 months of free subscription by purchasing an annual plan. Enterprise plan is a fully customizable edition that offers ample security and admin controls. Unlimited users are allowed here along with unlimited space. One can get the pricing by contacting the box team.


Box- Store and Share Your Files Online with 5GB Free Storage 3
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