Most Blending Adsense Ads That Appeared on this Blog

Since last few weeks, I was curious observing how Adsense displayed ads on my blog which were very closely matching with the background and started collecting couple of screenshots of those adsense blocks under the post.  After posting it on my Facebook profile, I got couple of good comments. And I thought its worth sharing with here with my loyal readers. After watching this, you’d agree that Adsense bots are not only smarter but creative too.


So here you go, below is the screenshot of those Adsense ads which I found most blending with my footer block background color.  I designed it with CSS3 Gradient and if I’m right, it was placed there at the end of last year 2010.  But I started observing the ads only few weeks ago.

internet explorer most pleding adsense adidealblue ad blending with my backgroundshare khan adsense ad blending with backgroundunitech exquisite appartment ad on adsense blendingemailbrain email and mobile marketing adsense blendingatlasefxad on adsense blending

adsense docomo ad blending with my background


Which one do you think is the most blending adsense block? Drop your comments below 😀


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Most Blending Adsense Ads That Appeared on this Blog 1
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