Best Tech Accessories Every Man Should Have

Accessories can blow life into an otherwise bleak appearance. So men and women alike make use of a number of those to make their look more complete and tell a unique story with each outfit. Today we’re going to speak about integrating cutting edge technology into men’s looks- something that makes them appear good enough to eat and can also be a huge help in everyday life. So, without much ado, here are some of the best tech accessories used by alpha males:

Halo Sport

halo sport

Making your coordination better and improving your overall health is possible through forging robust neuromuscular connections by means of repetition. This sportswear gadget boasts a number of neuroprimers that appear on the inside of the headband transfer electrical impulses into the motor cortex and create a state of neuroplasticity. Achieving this result is possible if you just wear the accessory 20 minutes before exercising. Hot and every inch alpha, isn’t it?


Fitbit Charge 2 and Flex 2

fitbit charge 2 and flex 2

Fitbit is kind of a well-established household name in the fitness tracker category already. And it seems to be improving with each new model released to the market. The recent fan favorites are the sleekest ever  

Charge 2 and Flex 2.

No matter if you are showing off your abs at the pool or taking that olympic marathon, these two will definitely do the alpha-trick.

The Charge 2 comes equipped with integrated heart-rate monitor and relaxing breath guidance to help you keep track of your exercising routine while waterproof Flex 2 is excellent for lovers of regular watch brands who also happen to be active in sports.  

Polar H10

Polar H10

Heart rate monitors are so much alpha male, because there’s a hidden hint at doing sports. Now, it’s not like wrist-controlled action cams are fresh news, heart-rate monitoring is something new.

When Polar announced its fresh-off-the-shelf H10 heart-rate monitor, it also stated that this new accessory is unmatchable in competition with any other heart-rate monitor currently on the market. And we can’t help but believe given the manufacturer’s 35 year path as an industry leader and the facts that speak for themselves- being able to activate the GoPro Camera from the wrist watch and overlay the heart-rate info onto the video footage, seeing what really caused their hearts to race. ?

Lumo Run

Lumo Run

He wakes up in the morning and goes for that sweaty run! Mmmm, getting delusional over here! Lumo entered the wearable game a long while ago, well before sportswear was considered sexy as hell. The manufacturer debuted the Lumo Lift as fresh new way to help people improve their posture. This small device is worn on the torso, and it is the guard of standing tall. Once you lose your grip and begin to slouch, it sends vibration down your spine- a nice signal to come back to the tall-man stance!

Today the fitness landscape has changed significantly. Exercising is cool, but it’s more of a must-have than a nice extension of a cool alpha man. And Lumo is good at adapting into the picture- given its new Lumo Run model. Acting as a personal running coach, this device monitors your physical activity and running efficacy, giving in necessary advice and improving the quality of workouts.  


Mio Slice

Mio Slice

Burning calories… there are few in modern life who haven’t been concerned with this question at least once in their lifetime. For many more, however, this is a daily struggle to keep up with.

Around 20 years ago Mio’s founder and CEO, Liz Dickinson, secured a patent and came up with the world’s first electrocardiogram-based heart-rate watch. What is electrocardiogram and why does it matter? Well, it is a measure of the heart’s electrical activity, an indicator that can be widely used to help people keep track of how many calories they were burning. And it was a game changer back then, with no competition in sight.

Today, the manufacturer has worked and introduced Slice, an activity tracker that not only monitors heart rates, but also analyzes an individual’s personal response to exercising. So you set your goal of having those triceps emphasized or flashing some killer abs, and the device guides you there step by step.

There are still hundreds and hundreds of gadgets and accessories out there in the market that make for a tell-tale sign of an alpha-man so of course this list doesn’t claim to know the best in every aspect. What it does is highlight a couple of options that can be the right topping to the dish. Tell us if there are any particular items that you think should have made this list and we will give them a raincheck and probably add a couple of them here so you have a better choice on your plate!


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