Top 5 Best Tablets for Point Of Sale Systems

Tablet POS are increasingly becoming common in modern businesses. Just as their name suggest, these systems are controlled by use of a tablet unlike the ordinary POS which normally use a large PC monitor. One of the reasons why they are very popular is because they have a compact size which means that they do not require a lot of space. You will also find that they are very easy to use. If you have a limited budget or you are just starting your business, they are the best since they are cheaper than other POS systems.

Best Tablet Point Of Sale Systems

The fact that tablets have become very common in many countries is another thing that has contributed to their popularity. They are compatible with other gadgets such as phones which means that you can use them anywhere. Below are some of the best tablet POS systems we would recommend.

SQUARE POS BUNDLE – Stand for iPad 6 2018, 5 2017

This one is one of the most impressive POS systems on the market. Unlike others, it allows you to transform your iPod into an effective countertop POS using a square stand. If you already have another POS from Square, you will be happy to learn that it works well with these POS. The other thing you need to know is that it comes with a cost effective Epsilont Cash drawer for fast transactions.

To make your work easier when printing receipts, it comes with a very effective Star Micronics Receipt Printer. What we liked about this POS is that the printer uses an advanced power management which reduces the power consumption of the printer by 75%. The cash drawer and the Star Micronic Printer integrate perfectly with the system. Also, the Square app and the hardware are very easy to use. If you have a mobile business, you will find this POS to be very useful. Lastly, it is reasonably priced to suit entrepreneurs who are on a budget.

Point of Sale Restaurant POS System with a 10 Inch Touch Screen Tablet

What you will like about this POS is that it comes with everything you would require to serve your customers fast. It has a very effective bar code scanner which allows you to add items with just a simple touch of a button. Moreover, it comes with all the necessary hardware you would require. You will get a very fast receipt printer, cash register drawer, a tablet stand, touch screen Android tablet. All the hardware comes with a one-year warranty which means that you can get a replacement within the provided duration.

The other thing is that it also consists of a very powerful cloud based management system. As a result, it allows you to access your sales reporting and inventory data from any device as long as it is internet enabled.  It is 100% Android which means that it is very functional. You only need to pay $39 per month. This company provides a reliable customer support and this means that you can contact them any time in case you need any assistance.

The other thing is that it comes with a free credit card terminal. If you are searching for an affordable POS for your business, it is among the best.

Square and Shopify Register Hardware Bundle Compact

Square and Shopify Register Hardware POS is another awesome POS from Square. It is very efficient and provides a great performance. One of the most impressive things about it is that it has a sleek design. Actually, it is the most compact POS from Square. You will also find that it comes with a Thermal Bluetooth receipt printer which prints at a speed of 100mm/sec. You can easily connect it with your preferred tablet or phone and you will be all set.

The other thing you should note is that it works perfectly with other Square POS. It has a compact cash drawer which has adjustable 4 or 8 slots for coins There is also a hidden space below the removable coin till which provides additional security for high-value currency. For security reasons, it features a locking base bracket which provides a reliable mounting.

ShopKeep Basic Quick Service Hardware Kit for iPad Air – #1 Rated POS Solution

If you are searching for a reliable tablet POS, this one will be a great choice. It is very compact and does not occupy a lot of space. It comes with reliable hardware which includes an iPP320 Ethernet Credit Card Reader which is Apple pay-ready. It also works perfectly with EMV chip card and this allows your customers to make payments in a more convenient manner. You should also note that is also works well with traditional magnetic stripe credit cards.

In addition, it comes with a cash drawer and a media slot which has a cable. On top of that, it also comes with a kitchen printer and a thermal receipt printer. The other parts of the software come in a single box. If you are in need of an inventory that you can use to track your inventory, manage employee and customers, track sales, it is among the best. Shopkeep Basic Quick Service Hardwar is a good choice for retailers who are searching for a fast POS. It is very simple to us and has all the features that you would require to run your business. You will only be required to pay $49 per month.

Datio POS Point of Sale Base Station and Cash Register for iPad with Point of Sale (Pos) Software

Are you searching for the best tablet POS for your restraint, salon, or a retail business? Datio POS might be what you are looking for. It comes with a cash drawer, credit card reader, scanner and a printer. You can download the software App from Apple’s App store. You also need to subscribe for software updates. One thing that you will like is that you do not need you use cables which might interfere with the interaction between you and your customers. Lastly, it has an elegant design and it is also easy to set up.

The Verdict

Tablet POS systems are suitable for retailers with small businesses. They are also suitable for those who are on a tight budget since they are affordable. However, despite of their small size they are very functional and reliable though they may be a bit slow. If you are searching for a reliable tablet POS system, you can consider any from our list. The best thing with all the above POS is that they have all the necessary features you would require for your retail business. They are also affordable and user-friendly. You will also find that they have all the required hardware.

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