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5 Best Duplicate File Finder Software to De-Duplicate Your Windows System

Duplicate files accumulated on your system in the form of digital junk consumes lot of system resources and affects your PC performance negatively. These files generate and accumulate in various forms over time. It may generate when you download the same file multiple times, share & download the same file using different apps, take backup or do other similar actions. While these files can easily take up lot of disk storage, finding & deleting them is one big task you need to perform. While manual cleaning consumes lot of time and efforts, the best way to deal with these files is to use advanced duplicate file finder tools. These smart tools work on advanced algorithms to help you deep clean your system storage. It helps you recover chunks of disk space by de-duplicating your device storage effectively.

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Duplicate Files Fixer: Duplicate Files Fixer is available for Windows, Mac and Android devices. Its powerful scan engines perform a deep cleaning of your system. Here, it finds & deletes all types of duplicate files including identical photos, texts, videos, audio files, documents and more. It takes backup of existing files before deletion for safer scan process. It offers folder exclusion option to exclude important folders from the scanning process. It supports cleaning on both internal and external device storage. Furthermore, it allows you to set scanning criteria to get refined results.

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DupScout: DupScout is a powerful duplicate file remover tool that works seamlessly while searching for few files to the collection of thousands of files. It displays real-time information about how many files are scanned and how much wasted space could be recovered. It displays scan results in groups where it displays the name of the original file from the set, a total number of identical files in the set, size of the individual file, total space occupied, currently selected cleanup action and other information. It offers multiple filters and categorization options to help you refine your search. It displays scan results in detailed statistics and pie chart for easy viewing and management. In other options, it allows you to export scan results to the SQL database, supports cleaning duplicate files on network, powerful scan engines and more.

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CloneSpy: While searching for duplicate files on your Windows system, CloneSpy helps you scan files based on same name, same size, same title, same extension and same content. It even scans zero-byte files to deliver accurate results. Once it completes scanning duplicate files, it helps you move redundant files to a specific folder or simply delete them when needed. You can even export a list of all identical files without removing any files. Furthermore, it allows you to perform arbitrary file operations where you batch edit or remove files. It also allows you to replace redundant duplicate files with hard links (NTFS) or shortcuts to retained files.

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Duplicate File Remover: Duplicate File Remover displays the live status of the file processing and display results in groups for easy management. Here, you can easily navigate to duplicate files and manage them easily. In addition to working as a duplicate file cleaner tool it also works as an effective editor & modifier. It offers custom or complete scan options to help you refine your scan process. You can use its quick file scan option to perform multiple file operations. You can skip certain files and jump to the next files during the process. In other options, it offers custom folder support, a custom sort option, multiple file type support, Universal Windows Platform support and more.

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Easy Duplicate Finder: Easy Duplicate Finder works effortlessly both on Windows and Mac. It offers abundant advanced search methods and custom scan modes to help you refine your scan process. It supports cleaning of all types of duplicate files on your system including duplicate photos, videos, songs, emails and other files. Working on ultra-fast search engines it offers results with 100% accuracy. It provides preview option to view files before deletion for safer search. It even offers Undo button for emergency recovery of the deleted file. It supports cleaning duplicate files in Windows Media Player, iPhoto, iTunes, Photos and other locations on your system. It even supports de-duplication from Google Drive & Dropbox. You can use its Wizard and Assistant options for easier and safer duplicate file management.

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Conclusion: The advanced duplicate file finder tools give you the best solution to deal with duplicate files on your system. Working on powerful scan engines, these tools help you deep clean your system storage and recover lots of valuable disk space. Here, we have discussed some of these best tools in detail to help you deal with similar & exact match files on your Windows system. If we have missed your favorite app in the list, then feel free to comment below.

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