Epson L380 All-in-One Ink Tank Printer Review

Epson launches Epson L380 All-In-One Ink Tank Printer, a perfect solution for all your printing and scanning requirements. Epson L380 is a good choice to consider for use at both home and small businesses.


No matter how much technologically advanced we are getting ahead, at times we may have to depend on physical paper printouts to convey our ideas or for official purposes. Finding a good printing solution from the plethora of options is a tedious task and I think I have found myself a good option. The Epson L380 is not only a printer but also offers an all-in-one solution right outside the box. I found this product very reasonably priced at the same time efficient and has a sleek design to it. I have used this product for more than a week; tested the printing and scanning efficiency, tried out the different options on the software that it comes with and I am ready for a full review. Let’s get started.

Epson L380 Printer Review

Epson L380 Unboxing – What’s in the box

  • Epson L380 All-In-One Ink Tank Printer
  • Cables
  • User Manual
  • Software DVD
  • CMYB – 4 Color bottles

Epson L380 Printer – Setting Up

Setting up Epson L380 printer is simple and pretty straight forward task. Though everything was there on the user manual, I looked up online, YouTube videos, to set up the printer.

  • Place the printer on a table or flat surface.
  • Pop open the ink tank, on the right side, and fill the colors. It’s highly unlikely that you mess up this part, there is color codes on the tank. Fill as per the instructions.
  • Connect the printer power adaptor to the wall plug and then, connect the printer to the computer using the cable provided.
  • On the first start, push the red button continuously until both the green and red lights start blinking. Now leave the printer for charging approximately 30 mins or when the lights stop blinking you may start using the printer.
  • Next step is to install the printer software in PC for the seamless printer connection.

Epson L380 Printer – Design and Technical Specs

The shiny looking sleek design of the product is something which definitely made an impression on me. The printer weights 4.4Kg, 482mm long (including the ink tank on the side), 300mm wide and 145mm tall.

On the front, we have 4 buttons; the power switch, b/w copy, color copy, cancel button. There are two LED lights below cancel button; which shows the printing and ink status. On the back, there is a port for the power cable and on the side, there is a USB port for connecting to the computer.

Let’s talk about Tech Specs, the Epson L380 Printer uses the on-demand ink jet method for printing. The maximum print resolution is 5760*1440 dpi. On paper, the printer offers a printing speed for A4(Draft) 33ppm for B/W and 15ppm for color prints. In case of photo draft, it may take up to 27 sec per photo. For copying, the maximum supports up to 20 copies at a time and size of the paper is A4.

epson l380 printer

The Epson L380 machine also supports scanning of documents at an optical resolution of 600*1200 dpi. The maximum document size is up to 216*297mm. The scan speed is 11 sec for B/W document and 28 sec for the color document.

The paper tray can handle up to 100 sheets and the output tray can handle up to 30 sheets. With the enclosed ink bottles; you can take up to 4500 black and white printouts.

Epson L380 Printer – Printing, Scanning and Xerox Speed Tests

I have done printing, Scanning and Xerox speed tests for the review and here is how it go;

The black and white print, full page text, took 20 seconds to print. A full page color print including a small picture took 1 mins 6 seconds.

Scanning a color image took 10 seconds for the preview and then another 20 seconds to completely scan it.

I tested the color Xerox speed of this printer by taking a color copy of my PAN card. It took 18 seconds(scan and to print) twice. Black and white Xerox took 13-15 seconds to scan and print.

Epson L380 Printer – To Conclude

Above are the test results for the printer. If you check, the color printing takes more time than what the official specs say. If you are a small business which takes a lot of color prints then, this is not the solution for you. There are no numerical buttons or proper display for the copier which I find very disappointing. But, again, you can take Xerox copy with ease. There was not that much noise coming out of the printer as compared to other inkjet printers.


A printing and scanning solution is really important for small business, shops etc. The Epson L380 All in one printer is a perfect solution to address all your basic printing, copying and scanning requirements. The product comes bundled with 2 bottles of high yield black ink bottles. The company offers 1 year or 30,000 prints, whichever comes first, warranty.

Overall, I am really happy with the functionalities and most importantly the high yield color bottles are something which is a highlight for me. Wish the printing speed could have been improved in terms of color printing. The scanning quality is very good and it is fast enough for my personal use.

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