Best Methods to Make Money Online

The internet is responsible for billions in revenue every year. In fact, so much money is made on the internet through product sales that traditional brick and mortar stores have now become threatened. Knowing this, many large retailers have gone as far as to move their items to the internet while cutting back on employees and storefronts. That says a lot for the internet. So lets find out the best methods to make money online with genuine sites.

methods to make money online

So for the average small self-sustaining person, the question remains: what are the best websites on which to make money? Mostly, it depends upon what a person wants to do and how much effort they want to put into the task they take on. According to an article on, the following suggestions are some ideas and  methods to make money online.

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The Online Product Pitch

A large segment of internet money making methods can come from advertising, particularly in the pitching other people’s products.

One method is to become an affiliate at a mega-site such as, where commissions per sold product can be as high as 25 percent. Make money online fast and free

How it works is a person buys a product that is pitched by an affiliate, and that affiliate gets a cut of the purchase price. The affiliate can choose from more than a million products to pitch, which include anything from gift cards to computers.

Another resource is ClickBank, where commissions can range up to 75 percent. ClickBank has over 50,000 products that an affiliate can choose from. Signing up to be an affiliate is free.

According to Bethany Mooradian, owner of, one negative about ClickBank is the poor quality of some of the products it sells, as well as some products being easier to pitch than others. She suggests an affiliate should buy the product in advance to assess its quality.

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Be An Online Answer Person

Information is a huge money maker on the internet as people who seek answers look to what’s online as the fastest and most comprehensive manner to satisfy their queries. and lead the charge of several resources in this realm of online answer destinations. The process begins with the potential answer-person taking a test to qualify them. If the test is successfully passed, that person becomes an “expert” in their subject. What follows is a customer will ask a question and receive an answer from the expert.

While kgbanswers utilizes smartphone technology to forward a user their answer, with JustAnswers, responses come via email or text message.

For those with a mind toward the technical, there is ChaCha, which offers guides to anything from solving puzzles to other set subjects. While the pay is small at 1 to 20 cents per guide, the work can be steady.

What makes the pay small is ChaCha’s population of experts, which number over 60,000. This can make for some tough competition, which renders work with ChaCha as definitely not something be considered as a replacement for a full-time job.

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Be A Survey Taker

In marketing, opinions are gold. Was a product liked? What wasn’t liked? Did the product live up to expectations?

This sort of information is used toward a much wider viewpoint which companies use to understand the potential of what they offer. To them, in short, such knowledge is worth the money spent.

Websites such as, or, can offer big bucks in the way of points and rewards for someone to take a large variety of opinion surveys.

Legal and Reliable Methods to Make Money online

Each of these websites are legal and scam free, something that has become increasingly uncommon in the online world today. Plus, these sites are based in America, which seems to have a stronger coda toward better business practices than companies overseas.

Needless to say, their relevance is important toward information and content, and will more than likely be part of the American consumer culture from hereon into the future.

While it is certainly possible to make a living from work like taking surveys or by becoming a product affiliate, experts suggest this as only a means toward extra money or in some cases, a stopgap for a person who is looking for work. As early stated, work like this is not by any stretch a true replacement for full-time employment.Hope these tips help make money online free from home

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