6 Methods to Find Sizzling Affiliate Products to Market Online

The level of success you achieve as an internet marketer can often be traced back to the products you chose to promote when you first began. Sure, it might appear that the process of finding affiliate product is the simplest part. All you need to do is visit an affiliate program like Commission Junction or Clickbank, sign-up, and then pick a suitable product from the thousands available to you.

But after investing your time and money engaging in promotional activities you do not see any return for your efforts. It is only then that you realize the product you are promoting is inferior and that you should have been more tactful finding hot selling affiliate products.

Find hot selling affiliate products


To help you avoid this fatal error I will discuss 6 approaches to uncovering profitable affiliate products:

1. It All Begins With Research:

Before you rush to your chosen affiliate network you need to research a commercially viable niche. A feasible starting point will be to choose a market that is of interest to you or a niche that you are already familiar with. Possessing a level of knowledge in a market before you pursue it will give you an element of leverage since you will be able to establish yourself as an authority figure from the get-go.

2. Saturate Yourself In Your Market:

The preferred approach to understanding your customers and to acquaint yourself with their needs is to join forums, social groups and other platforms that are directly related to your chosen market. By doing this you will familiarize yourself with your market, and you will understand the needs, desires and problems faced by your customers.

For instance, if you have chosen the insomnia niche and you join related forums and participate in the conversations on these platforms, you will undoubtedly hear the cry of many insomnia sufferers which will equip you with the knowledge to help them solve their problems.

3. Choosing The Right Products:

After your initial research, the understanding you have of your market will be heightened. At this point you can visit your chosen affiliate network and scan the available products. It wouldn’t be long before you see a product that meets the needs of your niche and the product will actually stand-out because of your initial research.

When choosing a product it is important for you to analyze the data associated with that product. Indices such as “gravity” will provide the data required to evaluate the popularity of the product. A popular product usually means many affiliates are making sales from that specific product.

Although gravity is a good indicator to judge overall popularity it is however not the only metric you should depend on. Sometimes a low gravity product can serve the needs of your market much better than the popular products. The onus is on you to research each product thoroughly to determine who developed the product, what their credentials are, and what customers are saying about the product.

4. Product Diversity:

When entering a market you should ensure there are various products at your disposal to serve that niche. This will reduce the risk and provide you with other options if your main product is suddenly taken of the market, and it will also allow you the option to market other related products to your clients in the future.

5. Potential Commission Analysis:

Would you rather make $20 on a sale or $2? The answer is obvious but many marketers still target low paying products. You should analyze the amount of commission you stand to receive for each sale, and then forecast how much you intend spending on your marketing efforts, include the amount of time you are willing to invest in marketing the product and then evaluate whether the return is plausible based on how many sales you expect to make.

6. Analyze the Merchants Landing Page:

The merchants landing page is what is ultimately going to convert the traffic you send into paying customers and as such the quality of the landing page needs to be top-notch. Ask yourself whether you will buy a product from that landing page? If the answer is yes then you have a winner!

The techniques highlighted above will ensure you find products that are worthwhile and if done right you will certainly benefit in the long-term.

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