Best Free SSD Health Check Tools

In the modern computing world laptops and desktops have been a common thing. Now a day almost every people possess at least a laptop or a desktop.  The importance of these small computing machines is on the rising side. In today’s competitive world if you do not use this equipment frequently it will lead to a loss. When we use this equipment we have to maintain these to have uncompromised performance.

Best ssd health checker tools

In the computer there are various different parts which combine together to give an output, as a user, we have to look after all these parts but in this article, we are going to talk about the hard drive especially the SSD’s inside your computer.

When we run an application or save the file onto a laptop all this data is being saved in a hard drive (in this condition SSD) which we can use later. SSD is a very essential part of the computer as it not only saves your files but also runs your computer. The health of the SSD’s can have a considerable amount of impact on the performance of the computer and subsequently on to your work. Thus the health of the SSD should be considered by the users. We use SSD for its higher speeds than conventional hard drives. It gives us the extra boost we needed.

If you are observing that after some time the performance of the SSD is not the same as it was previously or you saw some lagging or files cannot be read or written or frequent crash or reboots then you should check the health of your SSD.

I will be mentioning a few of them below

Here’s how to check the health of your SSD:-

Crystal disk info –

This is an open source tool. This tool not only helps you to check your SSD’s health but also the temperature of drive. This software allows you to work simultaneously when it is checking your drive. This feature comes handy at the time of the extra load. This tool will check both the SSD as well as the conventional hard drives and you can monitor drive performance in real-time along with a ton of information about your SSD. Crystal checks read and write speed and can show the error rates of the disk. You can also set up an Alert Email or Alarm Notification.


1.      Supports most of SSD drives

2.      Show details

3.      Show errors, temperature etc.

Samsung Magician –

As the name stands it is made by Samsung. The biggest advantage of this tool is the graphical presentation created in the software, which is really easy to understand. You can choose performance, reliability etc. You can decide the compatibility and status of SATA and AHSI. This tool works with the Samsung SSD.  You can tweak the read and write speed or can optimise your SSD into one of the three modes i.e. Max. Capacity, Max. Performance and Max. reliability and you can also check the remaining life span of the drive.

Highlights –

1.      Graphical presentation

2.       Manual tweak

3.      Selection of modes

Smartmonotools –

In this Smartctl and Smart are a couple of programs that this tool offers. The biggest advantage of this tool is that you will receive warnings if it detects the potential risk factors in your drive. This tool will provide you with real-time monitoring as well as a good analysis of your SSD.

Highlights –

1.      Real-time monitoring

2.      Issue warnings

3.      Support most of the SSD’s

Intel Solid State Drive toolbox –

As the name suggests, it is an official software made by Intel. It provides different types of information related to driving. This will show you the status regarding the health of the SSD as well as S.M.A.R.T. attributes. You can also run a diagnosis on SSD for the reading and writing speed of the drive. This software also allows you to make tweaks to your SSD to enhance its performance etc. You can also use the secure erase function of this software which allows you to safely erase the files.

Highlight –

1. Diagnosis of the SSD 

2. A manual tweak to SSD 

3. Performance boost function

Hard Disk Sentinel –

It is currently one of my favourite drive health checking software. This will help you with different factors such as testing, diagnose, detect and repair problems in your drive. This software runs in the background and monitors the SSD. It not only used for the internal SSD or HDD but also it can test the external SSD and HDD which is a huge plus point. The software also provides information regarding the drive using the S.M.A.R.T. feature.

Highlight –

1.      Support most of SSD’s

2.      Diagnosis of the issue

3.      Can test both internal as well as an external drive.

Crystal Disk Mark –

This tool will give you a benchmark for SSD. In this tool, you can test the read and write speed of the drive with the QD32Modes. This tool can be used to cross verify the claim made by the manufacturer of that SSD or you can use it to compare the performance of the two drives. You can also use this software to monitor your SSD’s performance. This is an open-source tool so it will not put a dent in your wallet.

Highlight –

1.      Comparing with other SSDs

2.      Used as a Benchmark

3.      Provides information about driving.

SSD life –

 As the name suggests, it helps to check the life of the SSD; along with this it also helps you to monitor the SSD’s performance. SSD life gives an estimate for the remaining lifespan of the drive as well as the real-time reports for the SSD. One of the positive points is that it works with the SSD’s made by most of the manufacturers.

Highlight –

1.   The estimated lifespan of SSD

2.      Support by most of the manufacturers

3.      Health status

Kingston SSD Manager –

This tool is specifically made for Kingston SSDs. This software will not only help you to monitor the SSD but also to know the health status and performance of the SSD. This software also has a secure erase system in it.

Highlight –

1.      Made by Kingston

2.      SSD details

3.      Real-time monitoring

There are numerous tools available on the internet but I had mentioned a few of them. These are some of the tools from my perspective that are one of the best in the market.

Monitoring tools will only give you an overlook of the situation but it will be highly recommended if you find such an i

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