How To Mark All Emails As Read Gmail

How To Mark All Emails As Read Gmail 1

We won’t beat around the bush here – we detest having too numerous unread notifications. Heretofore, as far as email is concerned, it appear just all too simple to leave them there. Then, as the mails pile up, you get treed into that strange e-hoarder series of doom. 

New Gmail is now divided into four assorted maildrop as labels. We have Primary, Social, Promotions (Promotions will contain all ad related mails). If you are one among all group, you’re plausibly getting more than hundred of mails a day, with utterly no feeling of reading each and everyone. Earlier you could realize it, you must have got thousands of e-mails which are marked as “unread”.

In case you got only single leaf of e-mails which are unread, this shouldn’t truly be difficult to mark. Just in case you’re like the one who have got hundred and more of e-mails, this could be a big trouble and it is rather a intense one too. So to avoid this We did some research to get a good resolution. And evidently the resolution is rather a simple one not so apparent. So, with no further delay, precede the process given beneath to change each of your unread e-mails as read at erst.

How to mark all e-mails as read gmail

In our case we have to select all the mails, which are both read mails and unread mails. In-order to do that, select the check box in the upper-left nook of your inbox that makes you to pick various types of drop downs. We can just mouse click to check the box or you can click the down arrow and choose All from the drop-down menu.

How To Mark All Emails As Read Gmail 2

Click “Choose All Conversations That Contest the Results” in the message that look near the topmost of the page. The content changes to signal that all of the e-mails that fit your lookup description are chosen.

How To Mark All Emails As Read Gmail 3

Mouse click on “Select all number of conversations in Inbox.” Which will allow you to select all your inbox messages.

Now, We can click on the button  “Mark as read.” Once it is done, we will have inbox which is unread email free “Account”. Time may vary depending on the number of emails you have.

How To Mark All Emails As Read Gmail 4

Alternatively :

If we want to extract the unread mails from all over inbox, then one needs to type the below keywords in the search box, Which in turn will allows you to get all the mails from your inbox that are unread.

Type the following:

Label:inbox is:unread 

If you want only important messages which needs to be shown, One can type the below keyword instead of inbox

Label:important is:unread 

This may help to save your precious time from searching everything manually.

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