Benefits of Swift Development

Why use Swift? Learn what Swift is in this article. What are the pros and cons. We will talk about how large-scale the expansion is thought out. We will also discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of relatively new code. The article will be useful not only for confident and experienced programmers, but also for beginners in the field of IT technologies, as well as potential customers of applications. For these purposes, contact a reliable Swift development company and you will get a native application with good prospects for the future.

swift development

What is the function of coding?

The swift developers do the following work:

• Develop applications and programs for IOS;

• Test each program or application;

• Place programs and applications in the App Store. At the same time, constant improvements are carried out, tracking all reviews of wishes;

• Troubleshooting;

• Creation of updates for each program and application.

It is worth paying attention to the constant development of the company. Since the program does not stand still and is constantly moving to the top, a real developer should also be focused on constant development. It is necessary to constantly monitor all updates and developments. Only with such a focused and correct approach to work is it possible to achieve real heights and develop in the field of mobile development. There are very good options for cross-platform development. For example, you can contact the Flutter mobile app development company.

A bit of programming theory

Swift is a programming language in its purest form: in its standard form, you first write the entire program, then compile it and run it. Compilation is the transformation of program code into technical code for the processor: the input was what you could read, and the output was what the computer could read.

After compilation, you can no longer easily look into the program and change something in it, everything is encrypted and compressed there. But the processor executes such a program much faster than scripts.

iOS and macOS

To appreciate the advantages of Swift programming language, you need to know the following nuances. It is important to understand that Swift is not yet a mobile development language, but the language of the Apple ecosystem. There are solutions to compile Swift code on Android, but they are far from perfect. The ideal scenario for Swift is a program for Mac, iPhone and iPad, written in the same logic.


This is exactly what the Swift developers wanted to achieve – the speed of programs and code execution. As stated by Apple, Swift is 2.5x faster than Objective-C and 8x faster than Python 2.7. The goal that the developers of the language are striving for is to make it faster than C ++, which is often recognized as the fastest programming language.

Concise syntax

If we take as a criterion the number of lines of code that need to be written to solve a problem, then Swift is in the top ten in terms of minimalism. It is an easy-to-read language, just like Python, but with curly braces instead of indentation. Such code is easy to read even by those who do not know Swift, but know any other programming language. Everything in it is logical, structural and understandable.

Visible result

For Swift, there is a special Playground tool – this is a kind of interactive sandbox, where the programmer immediately sees the results of the program’s work. Sometimes this increases the speed of development several times and helps to quickly deal with the problematic section of the code.

Safe code

The ideology of the language is as follows: fewer vulnerabilities and more security for the code itself and the system. The developers assumed that the programmer should not keep everything in his head and foresee every contingency situation. Let the computer do it for him. For example, you don’t need to specifically monitor access and memory leaks, because Swift takes care of that.

It also protects against errors associated with improper hardware management and from unauthorized access to memory areas that are not involved in the program. Swift also handles regular errors more efficiently than the same C ++, where each exception must be written manually.

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