App Of The Day: Memorado Workout For Your Brain

They say that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Although this may have been propagated with an ideology that censured free-will, it does shed light on the fact that mind is a tool whose potential is never fully unlocked. Memorado is a brain game app that provides the ultimate fitness for your brain. There are many apps like Lumosity, Peak, and CogniFit that offer the same sort of service but Memorado has been designed by a team of neuroscientists whose activities promise to keep your brain fresh and sharp. They’ve also secured millions in funding. The development team believes in a concept called the Global Cognition Initiative that hopes to unlock and teach users to better understand their brain. The app can also prove to be a fun way to spend your free time.

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The user can choose up to 450 levels in 15 different games offered by Memorado. The games are designed to better develop five key areas of the brain- Memory, Logic, Concentration, Reaction, and Speed. It also provides basic scientific tests to prove your brain’s level of fitness and the progress that has been achieved. The games stimulate the competitive and curious parts of your brain and the challenges help you tell yourself of what you have understood and achieved. The mechanics of self-loathing can afflict you at a mental level too. Activities such as these help you re-discover what you have lost and this makes the app something to get a hold of.

Memorado is easy to use and is equipped with stunning graphics. This makes the games much more enjoyable. The progress bar tells you about your skill sets and makes for a real feel good factor. If you have come to understand the logic of the game, there are many different levels to play in and you can also challenge your friends in a Brain-Duel.


The app also provides challenges that are specifically devoted on improving sections of your choosing like Maths and Logic. Memorado offers a rounded development of the brain by designing activities that promote different functions and abilities of the brain. You can keep your mind focused and stress-free. The app is a safe and healthy environment for self-betterment, something that is not accessible to a person once they have crossed childhood. The app has a lot to offer and there are many activities that the user can explore and interact with. The app is fun, friendly and helps you learn a thing or two.

memorado brain training iq workout app


Memorado is based on the idea that constant monitoring of the brain will lead to improved mental faculties. Just like the muscles, the brain also requires periods of rest and periods of intense workouts. And since stronger muscles keep you fit, agile and graceful it is the same with the brain. A workout provided by Memorado keeps you sharp and sensitive. Both are the characteristics required in today’s world. The app’s vast levels and intricate challenges make for an addictive and engrossing experience. Results will obviously increase the output.

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