An Ultimate Guide To Audible App!

Have you recently found this Audible app and wonder how does audible work? Then please read through, to find out!

Audible is an audiobooks and podcasts library application, available for free download on android and apple platforms. Find the books that speak to you! Have a sneak-peak at this wonderfully crafted library of audiobooks by Amazon!

how does audible work

With our digitally stylized busy lifestyles today, audiobooks are creeping up to be more vogue! These days, people usually prefer to listen to their books, rather than indulging in those heavy books, demanding another hour of concentration. While, reading is always a recreation, listening to books is also a differently blessed relaxation, overall. 

It is a great way of saving your hands and sight to plenty of other things, while you focus on listening to your favorite book!

What is Audible?

Audible is an Amazon company with books, stories, talk shows, life lessons, and more.

how does audible work

As the app web page goes, the ‘happy listening’ mantra is enchanted, marvelously. With a planet of genres of books and shows, this is a one-stop destination to listen to.  You may download the audible app for your android or apple system or phone here

Audible is one of the biggest audiobook services available! With daily deals and exclusive packages, audible presents the best book-length audible exclusive material, with unlimited access to a plethora of titles. 

How does Audible work?

Audible has two models – a subscription model and a free normal app model. The free for use audible account has 30 days of free access. And for amazon prime members, this free account can bring free books for 90 days. 

What do you need to use Audible?

To cut the crab, to use audible, you need to have an amazon account. Once, you sign in with your Amazon account, your available credits will be listed in the top right-hand corner.  

What are Audible credits?

Here one credit refers to one book of any cost! Yes, you read it right. Immaterial of the cost of the book, one credit will give you one book.

how does audible work

How does Audible cost you?

There is an array of plans for Audible subscribers. The charges will be based on the plan that you choose. The plans are as follows:

how does audible work
  • Monthly Gold: 1 credit per month at $14.95 per credit
  • Monthly Platinum: 2 credits per month at $22.95 per month
  • Gold Annual Special: 12 credits per year at $9.96 per credit in year one and $12.46 per credit thereafter or $119.50 for the first year and $149.50 for every year after
  • Platinum Annual: 24 credits per year at $229.50 per year 

In addition to all these, every member gets to enjoy an additional 30% off on any titles purchased without credits, two free Audible Originals every month, & an opportunity to exchange any audiobooks you don’t love within a year of purchase.

While, Audible is not free with Amazon Prime, but get free access to some Audible Originals and a limited number of Prime audiobooks through Prime Reading.

An obvious question that you have in your mind now is – Is audible worth it?

How to buy books on Audible? 

Audible is a user-friendly app with books, books, and books of all genres, including kids, spiritual, self-help, biography, fiction, non-fiction, mystery, horror, thriller, and you just name it. The books are neatly labeled and presented with summary & audible reviews for you. 

Browsing is pretty easy in Audible. There’s an option that says “Browse”, on the top menu,  with an arrow next to it. Hovering your cursor over that option will help you with a dropdown menu that has several categories, which you can click on. 

It’s a great place to get started. You get to choose from two options to purchase the books. Audible either allows you to purchase the titles with cash or via already paid for credits. You can manage the credits and money accordingly, with the daily deals, other festive offers, and seasonal sales. 

Once purchased, with the help of WhisperSync, the title, thus purchased will be available to you across all the synched devices, without ever losing your place. This feature keeps a track of your recent read page and maintains your audible book on the same page across all the connected devices.

Is Audible user-friendly?

Audible is one of the most convenient apps to linger around even for beginner users. The wonderfully simple look and feel, make the app deal easy! 

All the processes, right from downloading the app, getting a subscription, buying a book, reading, returning the book, etc. are single-clicked easy operations.

How do you cancel audible membership?

To cancel audible membership, just go to your account details, click to drop down the listed menu with your name. Select “Cancel Membership”

cancel Audible membership
  • And done! Even canceling the audible membership is as easy as that. 

In case if you have purchased a yearly membership, the same cancellation procedure follows. But then you won’t get refunded for your purchase and can still use all credit purchased. Well, your subscription won’t then be renewed next year.

how does audible work

What benefits do you exercise as an audible subscription member? 

Along with monthly and weekly credits, the audible members receive access to Audible originals, two free originals a month, and an additional 30% discount on any title that you decided to buy without the credit. In addition to these, there are special packages available for various genres like News, Meditation & Fitness, Audible Latino, and Audible Escape. 

So, here you go. Almost every query that could occur to you like How does Audible work? Is Audible worth it? How to get an Audible App subscription and cancel it? How to get books from the Audible App? etc are addressed above. So, go ahead and get your Audible App get-set-go today!

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