8 Quick Ways To Resolve ‘Windows Taskbar Not Hiding’!

Get rid of the ‘Windows taskbar not hiding’ issue once and for all! 

windows taskbar not hiding
windows taskbar not hiding

Windows taskbar not hiding or Windows taskbar overlapping is a common issue found among the Windows user. Though not that common in the advanced Windows 10 operating systems,  the issue was very predominant in most of the systems, quite often found in the Windows 7 operating system. The issue looks most annoying when you try to view the full screen and end up seeing the taskbar at the bottom. Some important information on the full-screen mode could be missed with an overlapping taskbar, or this taskbar could turn out to be a hindrance in the visuals. 

This thin bar that dormant across the bottom of the screen by default is a hanger that holds important features like the Windows menu, the current applications, and software, Network settings, Audio manager, Clock, etc.  

Ideally, this taskbar should exit whenever the fullscreen mode is on, particularly when you are watching some video, playing games, browsing, etc. But the taskbar not hiding issue is raised a lot by the users, particularly on the older operating systems. 

Why is the Windows taskbar not hiding?

Typically, when a program or any application needs your attention in the middle of the full-screen mode, then the taskbar shoots up. 

The taskbar with the program or application icon would flash and demand your interaction. And when you confirm that the task is noted it should just fade away naturally. 

The notifications in the background applications flash often to inform the new notification status.  All these are normal functionalities of a taskbar and acceptable as long as the taskbar doesn’t stay on the full-screen page for too long. 

But if the taskbar won’t hide, even after the notification is being addressed, then there is a call for a way out of this ‘taskbar won’t go away in full-screen’.

How to fix the Windows taskbar not hiding problem?

Disclaimer: Please try these approaches, one at the time, and traverse slowly checking every step and making restarts to reflect the changes. After every step check for validation. I think the initial solutions should be enough for most of the Systems.

1. Try Autohide

We all are by now familiar with working with the taskbar pinned to the bottom of the screen. But Windows 10 comes with a lot of personalizations and additional features. And unlocking the taskbar is an augmented feature in Windows that hides the taskbar altogether. When you need to view the taskbar, you could just hover around on the bottom to bring it back. This is the easiest way you can get rid of the windows taskbar, not hiding problems.

So how do you unlock or autohide the taskbar from the screen?

There are two possible ways to do this. Try only one approach of the two. Both lead to the same page ultimately. 

Approach 1: 

  1. Right-click on the Taskbar and tap the Taskbar settings or simply click the Lock the taskbar tab.
windows taskbar not hiding
  1. In the Taskbar settings, find the various options to manage your taskbar. They are clear and precise.
windows taskbar not hiding

          You can also perform the same operation with the Settings.

Approach 2: 

  1. Press Windows + I to open Settings.    
windows taskbar not hiding
  1. Select Personalization.
windows taskbar not hiding
  1. On the left panel, opt for Taskbar and the same Taskbar screen as before appears with the same options. 
windows taskbar not hiding

  This is the easiest solution that can resolve your taskbar won’t go away in the full-screen issue. If the issue persists then please try the solution 2

2. Use the F11 keyboard shortcut to resolve the Windows taskbar not hiding!

 This is a pretty abstract and most commonly used approach, and above all the quickest way. Press 

                              Fn + F11 

And you receive the full screen on any page. 

This works on almost all the pages and is the easiest way out of the taskbar won’t hide issues. But you need to press the function F11 every time you need a full-screen. That doesn’t seem to be a permanent solution. So, you can look out for some permanent options from the below options.

3. Restart Windows Explorer 

Doesn’t sound like a solution? Believe me, it works like magic.


  1. Open Task Manager. (Ctrl +Shift + ESC)
  2. Find the Windows Explorer and
  3. Right-click on it and press Restart.
windows taskbar not hiding

Approach 2: 

You may also kill the Windows Explorer to resolve the taskbar not hiding issue.

  1. Run the cmd command. 
windows taskbar not hiding
  1. Type taskkill /im explorer.exe /f ? explorer ? exit

This should end the Windows explorer and unlock the Taskbar from the screen and resolve the taskbar not hiding windows 10.

4. Hardware Acceleration uncheck

If you are a Chrome user then you can try this option to resolve the windows taskbar not hiding issue very conveniently. Simply follow these easy steps.

  1. Open the three-dot menu on the top right corner of your chrome browser. 
  2. Find Setting in the drop-down list and click to open.
windows taskbar not hiding
  1. In the window that opens, search Advanced and click it.
windows taskbar not hiding
  1. Scroll down to find the tab labeled ‘Use hardware acceleration when available.’ and Relaunch it. 
taskbar not hiding

Try this hardware acceleration option in chrome to avoid the taskbar won’t hide issues. If the issue persists then try the next solution.

5. Try other browsers

 Chrome is undoubtedly a marvelous browser but it comes with its piece of issues. If the taskbar won’t go away in a full-screen issue and you troubleshoot it down to be Chrome, then maybe it’s time to check some alternative browsers. There are few other good web browsers like Safari, Firefox, etc. Try to use one of them as an option.

If the idea of quitting Chrome is not convincing enough then please try to use the remaining options to solve the taskbar won’t quit issue.

6. Notifications creating  the Windows taskbar not hiding

As discussed earlier, when notifications arrive, the Taskbar flashes in the middle of the screen and intimates about it. So, if you altogether stop these notifications, then the Taskbar will not pop-up in the first place.

 But this approach is highly not recommended. Though the issue gets resolved, you will fail to receive the notification pop-ups altogether and that opens up another window of issues. So it is better to avoid this step.

Still, if you wish to remove the taskbar won’t hide in a fullscreen issue that badly, then I would suggest the following

  1. (Note that it is only available on Pro or Enterprise editions of Windows 10.
  1. Press the Windows-key, 
  2. Type gpedit.msc and click Enter. 
  3. Group Policy Editor 
  4. Open the User Configuration and then follow these approaches.
windows taskbar not hiding

Approach 1:

  1. Start Menu and Taskbar.
  2. Turn off all balloon notifications.
  3. Notifications balloons are not shown if you enable the policy.

Approach 2: 

  1.  Start Menu and Taskbar.
  2. Turn off the automatic promotion of notification icons to the taskbar.

Approach 3:

  1. Start Menu and Taskbar.
  2. Turn off feature advertisement balloon notifications.

Approach 4:

  1. Start Menu and Taskbar 
  2. Notifications 
  3. Turn off calls during Quiet Hours

Approach 5:

  1. Start Menu and Taskbar 
  2.  Notifications
  3. Turn off toast notifications

These options will shut the notifications altogether and solve the pop-up issue that constantly brings back the taskbar on the main window.

If all the above solutions fail to fix the issue then restoring chrome could be a solution to the taskbar not hiding. Windows 10 restart could be the ultimate fix. Let’s try resetting chrome first.

7. Reset Chrome

Letting go of the excellent features of the Chrome browser is a tough choice. If you still feel inclined to use the Chrome browser and not want to switch to any other browser for that matter, then choose this option for the issue- the taskbar won’t hide!

Resetting Chrome is a wonderful feature in the browser. 

  1. Go to the three-dot menu on the top right corner of the Chrome browser.  
  2. In Settings, choose the advanced option as shown in the 4th solution.  
  3. In the new window choose the Restore settings to the original default tab.
windows taskbar not hiding

 Let’s check the final handy solution that might solve our Windows taskbar won’t hide in the full-screen issue.

8. Update and Restart Windows to solve the taskbar not hiding problem.

  1. Press Windows key + l to open the Setting page.
  2. Find the Update and Security tab on the Settings page.

Install the updates immediately and restart the system to fix the taskbar not hiding issue.

Concluding Note: 

So, that’s a huge list of solutions for you out there. The taskbar is a very essential bar on the desktop and equally annoying in the missile of your movie or the very exciting game. The wonderful experience of the full screen without disturbance is appealing and is most welcomed by one and all. So, please try the aforementioned solutions. I hope you will successfully resolve the taskbar not hiding on Windows 10.

8 Quick Ways To Resolve ‘Windows Taskbar Not Hiding’! 1
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