A Pinched Nerve & Other Things Making Ringing In The Ears Worse

Tinnitus is a dreadful sound resembling ringing in the ears, for which there can be several causes and numerous things that can make the noise louder. Check out effective treatments here. 

One culprit that will create worse symptoms is loud noises like running machines, blaring concerts, listening to media through a headset, and so much more that can not only present short-term ringing but damage hearing.

Another factor for severe ringing in the ears is a pinched cervical or TMJ nerve. These areas share nerves with the middle ear, developing pain in the area and presenting the annoying noise consistent with tinnitus. Unfortunately, these symptoms will equate to a third problem when a migraine produces due to the noise and the pain in the area.

Migraines are severe headaches that are another contributor to increasing the sounds you hear with ear ringing. In this situation, they’re kind of battling each other for the underlying cause of the issue at hand, with both being a primary consideration along with the pinched nerve. It’s the worst of the worst-case scenario. But there’s more. Let’s check some others out.

Pinched Nerve

Factors That Makes Tinnitus Louder

Yes, tinnitus can get louder. The ringing that you hear in your ears developing from numerous different causes can worsen whether you have exposure to loud noises, develop a pinched nerve in the cervical or TMJ regions, or experience a migraine headache; this ringing will appear to become much more severe. Go to https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/01/080110114501.htm to learn about nerve causes for ringing in the ears. 

While these are serious situations to experience in combination with an already uncomfortable diagnosis, other factors can contribute to worsening symptoms. No one dealing with even mild episodes of this condition wants to experience it at its extreme. Let’s see what you should avoid in order to prevent a louder sound.

Stress Levels

Everyone experiences stress. That’s something that’s challenging to control under any circumstances. Knowing it can cause an increase in decibel for tinnitus means you need to search for ways to manage your stress better and find healthy ways to cope. That can include exercise, meditation incorporating intentional breathing, acupuncture/massage, any way you feel comfortable enough to relax and come to a state of calm.

Sometimes even a nice relaxing hot soaker bath after a long hard day is enough to bring the stress level down. It doesn’t need to be extravagant or involved, just something that appeals to you and gives you peace of mind.


The body produces earwax that sits in the canal to capture any debris or particles trying to enter the ear for protective purposes. The problem is it can accumulate to excessive limits, creating a problem itself. It can result in ringing and, in some cases, a temporary loss of hearing.

If you experience symptoms, a doctor can take a look and extract the buildup gently. You should avoid doing this on your own to prevent potential damage to the ear, using cotton swabs.

Making Ringing In The Ears


After you have a cold or any type of viral infection, you’ll probably notice ringing. In most cases, the symptoms don’t last very long. The problem is when this goes on for a prolonged period. At that point, it’s time to see the doctor since there could be a sinus infection or an ear infection. 

It would be best to only wait about a week before seeing your provider to prevent progression and potential damage to the area. That’s also true with allergies. Check with a doctor so that you can take the appropriate medicine to calm your symptoms instead of dealing with them for an extended time. 

Lack Of Sleep

Many people in the world today suffer from sleep problems, including insomnia, leaving them exhausted regularly. Being tired consistently can be a trigger for tinnitus. If you’re already one who suffers from the condition, lack of sleep can make it much worse.

The recommended daily allowance is eight restful hours of slumber every night without disruption. That can be a challenge, but if you need assistance in getting a good night of rest, it’s critical to talk with your physician to see what can be done. There are many non-harsh remedies on the market to help relax and calm the mind to sleep throughout the night and wake refreshed.

Making Ringing In The Ears

Alcohol / Blood Pressure 

High blood pressure can be the culprit for many problems in the body, but it also can cause ringing in the ears. You should check it often or have a professional check it for you. Of course, your medical provider is the resource who will monitor and control it with medications if that’s appropriate. 

Alcoholic beverages tend to raise blood pressure. If you indulge more than average, it’s wise to keep watch of your blood pressure to make sure it stays within normal limits. If it’s elevated more times than not, you should consider cutting back a bit on the alcohol and then check to see if that strategy reduces the blood pressure at all.

In that same vein, caffeine and smoking are also contributors to high blood pressure. Not many people are willing to give up their coffee, but some things you need to take in moderation to better your health. These things will also make the sounds of ringing louder, so you have to determine which is more important to you.

Final Thought

Tinnitus is exceptionally bothersome and frustrating on its own, but when you have things like a pinched nerve (check this out right here) that contribute to making it worse, you’ll do what you need to in order to find relief. That means getting to the doctor and listening to the recommendations.

Some things will be difficult, like cutting back on things you love, such as a cocktail in the evening or a couple of cups of coffee in the morning, but if the ringing subsides, it will be worth every effort.

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