IoT and the Top New Home Tech for 2016

It’s easy to see the direction that tech might be going in our computers and phones; improved location pinpointing in phones has led to amazing new app functions, for example, and thanks to amazing leaps in VR technology, it might not be long before builder suites like Website Builder are letting users build web experiences for VR headsets like the Oculus Rift.

But what about technology for the home? Sure, now you can have mini wine-chillers, and electronics are more efficient… but where is tech heading here? Smart home products are still in their infancy, but their use and variety are growing fast. There are now whole ecosystems of products for the home which can help you really feel like you’re living in the future, and before you know it, your home might be roughly as intelligent as any of the other gadgets you rely on to get your work done.

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Try Out the Ecobee 3

Does an electric thermostat as top of the list feel like a letdown? It shouldn’t! This thermostat has a touchscreen interface, individual controls for each rooms, wireless vent sensors, and even a mobile app. So, for example if you have an office or guest room that’s rarely used, you can simply decide not to have the thermostat heat or cool it: and wirelessly close the vents, and heat or cool just the rest of the house.

ecobee smart home device

The Ecobee 3 is compatible with the HomeKit by Apple, and helps you have fine-tuned control over temperature. And if you’re sensitive to temperature, or just like being able to have that much tech in your home, it really doesn’t get any better. The Ecobee 3 is worlds better than even the closest competition.

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Check Out the Amazon Echo

Bluetooth speakers are so 2010; but we had to put this one on the list because if its amazing, intuitive features. First off, for the price, it could serve to replace some components of a home theatre system audio; at well-below $200. Want it to read your ebooks to you? It can! It also responds to voice commands: for example, you can ask it what the current weather is, or if you want to buy Amazon products… it’ll let you do so with voice alone.

amazon eco techgyo speaker

Does Your Home Need a Smart AC?

Especially for those of us who live in warmer climes, even blasting the AC on its lowest setting isn’t terribly effective at cooling down a whole home, fast, and is also usually the most expensive way to treat a dire situation. The Aros smart AC allows you to turn it on from work, before you even get home, so that you save substantially on bills and can come home to a crisply cool environment… even if the summertime outdoors has become disastrously arid. Even better, you can pre-program its settings so that it can use power to conform to your budget restrictions, conserve power when you know you won’t be home (say, while at long sport practices or business trips), or you can simply let it learn your living habits so that it adjusts itself automatically.

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Feel Safe With the Kevo Smart Lock

Touch technology is being used more and more to enact security measures; for some computers, your thumbprint is now your password. Now imagine if it was also your key?

The Kevo Smart Lock looks deceptively like any other lock, but it allows you to lock and unlock your home with the touch of a fingertip. You can assign virtual keys on a temporary or permanent basis, monitor any time the door opens, and receive alerts on any activity. And the deceptive look can fool anyone into thinking this high-tech security tool is just a normal deadbolt.

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