8 Steps to Refine Your Sales Process Infographic

The bread and butter of any company is its sales.  Without sales, all of the time and effort gone into developing and promoting a company’s product is completely lost.  There are many ways to go about selling your product, but what is the best way to drive sales effectively?  Where should business owners focus in order to increase their sales team’s productivity?  What are important red flags to watch out for when trying to mature your business through sales?  This infographic answers these vital questions and more by outlining 8 simple steps for business owners to develop their sales processes and ultimately grow their businesses.

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These steps include lead generation, qualifying leads, clarifying your company’s message and following up with potential clients.  We at Shield Funding not only understand the importance of funding through a variety of small and medium-sized business loans, but we also recognize the necessity of putting those funds to good use.  We hope these tips point small business owners in the right direction and wish you all luck with the upcoming sales ahead!

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8 Steps to Refine Your Sales Process Infographic 1
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